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Project description

A full-featured Python client for the Philips Hue lighting system.


Installation using pip (recommended):

pip install python-hue-client

Installation using easy_install:

easy_install python-hue-client


Documentation can be found at

Quick Start

This library is modelled roughly on concepts borrowed from Django’s ORM. There are some examples available in GitHub, but let’s dive in with an example that list all the available lights:

from pprint import pprint
from hueclient.api import hue_api
from hueclient.models.light import Light

if __name__ == '__main__':
    hue_api.authenticate_interactive(app_name='List Lights Example')

    for light in Light.objects.all():
            "Light {id} is named '{name}' and is {onoff} (brightness: {brightness})".format(
                onoff='on' if light.state.on else 'off',

Here is an example which blinks a specific light:

from time import sleep
from hueclient.api import hue_api
from hueclient.models.light import Light

# examples/
if __name__ == '__main__':
    # Make sure we are authenticated with the hue bridge.
    # You will be prompted if no username is found in ~/.python_hue
    hue_api.authenticate_interactive(app_name='Blink Light Example')

    # Get light ID 1
    light = Light.objects.get(id=1)

    # Loop forever
    while True:
        # Flip the on state from on -> off / off -> on
        light.state.on = not light.state.on

        # Save the state back to the bridge
        # (Note: required in order for your changes to take effect)

        # Pause here for a couple of seconds to create a slow blink
        # (Note: It is important to sleep here at least a little to
        # avoid overloading the bridge with API requests)

For more information see the full documentation.


Developed by Adam Charnock, contributions very welcome!

python-hue-client is packaged using seed.

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