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python-inspector is is a collection of utilities to collect PyPI package metadata and resolve packages dependencies.

Project description

Copyright (c) nexB Inc. and others. SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 Homepage: and

python-inspector is a collection of utilities to:

  • resolve PyPI packages dependencies

  • parse various requirements.txt files and files as input for resolving dependencies.

  • parse additionally various manifests and packages files such as Pipfile, pyproject.toml, poetry.lock and setup.cfg and legacy and current metadata file formats for eggs, wheels and sdist. These have not been wired with the command line yet.

  • query PyPI JSON and simple APIs for package information

It grew out of ScanCode toolkit to find and analyze PyPI archives and installed Python packages and their files.

The goal of python-inspector is to be a comprehensive library that can handle every style of Python package layouts, manifests and lockfiles.


  • Run the tests with:

    pytest -vvs
  • These are live tests to regenrate the tests with updated data run:

    PYINSP_REGEN_TEST_FIXTURES=yes pytest -vvs


  • Install with pip:

    pip install git+
  • Run the command line utility with:

    python-inspector --help

Its companion libraries are:

  • pip-requirements-parser, a mostly correct pip requirements parsing library extracted from pip.

  • pkginfo2, a safer fork of pkginfo to parse various installed and extracted package layouts and their metadata files.

  • dparse2, a safer fork of dparse to parse various package manifests

  • resolvelib, the library used by pip for dependency resolution

  • packaging, the official Python packaging utility library to process versions, specifiers, markers and other packaging data formats.

  • importlib_metadata, the official Python utility library to process installed site-packages and their metadata formats.

  • packageurl-python to use Package URL to reference Python packages

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