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Python Nessus module to parse, chat with XMLRPC API, ...

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python-libnessus ==============

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libnessue is a python library to manipulate nessus process and data.

libnessus is what you were looking for if you need to implement the following: - manipulate nessus scans results to do reporting - compare and diff nessus scans - store nessus scans in a datastore (mongo and Elasticsearch supported)

In the future we might implement something to discuss with nessus API - automate or schedule nessus scans on a regular basis - batch process scan reports


Dependencies : You might need jsonpickle,elasticsearch,pymongo if you want to use the backend plugins

You can install libnmap via pip:

pip install python-libnessus

or via git:

$ git clone 
$ cd python-libnessus 
$ python install



In [32]: report = NessusParser.parse_fromfile('/home/vagrant/python-libnessus/libnessus/test/files/nessus_forgedReport_ReportItem.nessus')
In [33]: report?
Type:           NessusReport
String form:    localpci 1 0:00:05
File:           /home/vagrant/python-libnessus/libnessus/objects/
This class represent a Nessus repport, it aims to manipulate
in a easy way the content, and present some metadata
Init docstring:
Description: Constructor of NessusReport
:param name: name of the report
:type name: str
:param hosts: list of NessusReportHost
:type hosts: list
:return: NessusReport
:rtype: NessusReport


In [34]: host = report.hosts[0]
In [35]: host?
Type:        NessusReportHost
String form: {'patch-summary-txt-79ed019e4b6ec5267fd968e511eccdb2': 'CentOS 6 : libtirpc ( <...> 2cda94fbf08': 'CentOS 5 / 6 : libxml2 (CESA-2013:0581): Update the affected libxml2 packages.')'} 5
File:        /home/vagrant/python-libnessus/libnessus/objects/
Docstring:   Description: Represent an object NessusReportHost in a nessus xml


In [36]: reportitem = host.get_report_items[3]
In [37]: reportitem?
Type:           NessusReportItem
String form:    10544:Linux Multiple statd Packages Remote Format String 4
File:           /home/vagrant/python-libnessus/libnessus/objects/
Docstring:      This class represent a ReportItem in the nessus xml
Init docstring:
Constructor of Vulnerability
:param vuln_info: dict of vulnerabities as generated by
:type vuln_info: dict


Here's a basic example:

# Parse a nessus report from xml and save it in Elastic search
In [1]: from libnessus.parser import NessusParser
In [3]: from libnessus.plugins.backendplugin import NessusBackendPlugin
In [4]: from libnessus.plugins.backendpluginFactory import BackendPluginFactory
In [5]: url = {'plugin_name': "es"}
In [6]: backend = BackendPluginFactory.create(\**url)
In [7]: nessus_obj_list = NessusParser.parse_fromfile('/home/vagrant/python-libnessus/libnessus/test/files/nessus_forgedReport_ReportItem.nessus')
In [8]: rc =
In [9]: rc
Out[9]: 2275333
In [10]: backend
Out[10]: < at 0x1dcc790>
In [11]: nessus_obj_list
Out[11]: localpci 1 0:00:05
#retrieve the report from ES 
In [15]: ff = backend.get("2275333")
In [16]: ff
Out[16]: localpci 1 0:00:05

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