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Python API for

Project description


A basic python API for the amazing


pip install python-metallum


Artist search

import metallum

# Search bands matching term
bands = metallum.band_search('metallica')
# -> [<SearchResult: Metallica | Thrash Metal (early), Hard Rock/Heavy/Thrash Metal (later) | United States>]

# -> 'Metallica'

# Fetch band page
band = bands[0].get()

# Get all albums
# -> [<Album: No Life 'til Leather (Demo)>, <Album: Kill 'Em All (Full-length)>, ...]

# Get only full-length albums
full_length =
# -> [<Album: Kill 'Em All (Full-length)>, <Album: Ride the Lightning (Full-length)>, <Album: Master of Puppets (Full-length)>, <Album: ...and Justice for All (Full-length)>, <Album: Metallica (Full-length)>, <Album: Load (Full-length)>, <Album: ReLoad (Full-length)>, <Album: Garage Inc. (Full-length)>, <Album: St. Anger (Full-length)>, <Album: Death Magnetic (Full-length)>, <Album: Hardwired... to Self-Destruct (Full-length)>]

album = full_length[2]
# -> 'Master of Puppets'
# -> datetime.datetime(1986, 3, 3, 0, 0)

# Get all tracks
# -> [<Track: Battery (313)>, <Track: Master of Puppets (516)>, <Track: The Thing That Should Not Be (397)>, <Track: Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (388)>, <Track: Disposable Heroes (497)>, <Track: Leper Messiah (341)>, <Track: Orion (508)>, <Track: Damage, Inc. (330)>]

Album search

import metallum

# Search albums matching term
# -> []

# Search albums containing term
metallum.album_search('seventh', strict=False)
# -> [<SearchResult: Beherit | Seventh Blasphemy | Demo>, <SearchResult: Black Sabbath | Seventh Star | Full-length>, ...]

# Search albums by band
metallum.album_search('seventh', band='iron maiden', strict=False)
# -> [<SearchResult: Iron Maiden | Seventh Son of a Seventh Son | Full-length>]

Refer to source and doctests for detailed usage

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