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A module provides basic functions for parsing mime-type names and matching them against a list of media-ranges.

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This module provides basic functions for handling mime-types. It can handle matching mime-types against a list of media-ranges. See section 14.1 of the HTTP specification [RFC 2616] for a complete explanation.

  • parse_mime_type(): Parses a mime-type into its component parts.

  • parse_media_range(): Media-ranges are mime-types with wild-cards and a “q” quality parameter.

  • quality(): Determines the quality (“q”) of a mime-type when compared against a list of media-ranges.

  • quality_parsed(): Just like quality() except the second parameter must be pre-parsed.

  • best_match(): Choose the mime-type with the highest quality (“q”) from a list of candidates.


The format of the JSON test data file is as follows: A top-level JSON object which has a key for each of the functions to be tested. The value corresponding to that key is a list of tests. Each test contains: the argument or arguments to the function being tested, the expected results and an optional description.


The Python tests require Python 2.6.

Run the tests by typing: python

To make sure that the package works in all the supported environments, you can run tox tests: pip install tox tox

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