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Python MSP430 Tools

Project description

The python-msp430-tools are a collection of tools related to the MSP430 embedded processor.

Python 2.6 or newer (2.x series) is required for most modules. The python package “msp430” can be installed with “python install”. These modules can be used as standalone applications or as library for other programs.


For API documentation, usage and examples see files in the “doc” directory. The “.rst” files can be read in any text editor or being converted to HTML or PDF using Sphinx. A HTML version is online at

Download tools

Command line tools, e.g. python -m They can up and download memory of MSP430 targets.

  • JTAG interface

  • F1x, F2x, F4x BSL

  • msp430.bsl5.uart F5x, F6x BSL (non-USB devices)

  • msp430.bsl5.hid F5x, F6x BSL (USB devices)

  • Using a GDB proxy (TCP/IP connection).

Other tools

  • msp430.memory.convert Convert between hex file formats

  • msp430.memory.dco Measure or calibrate the DCO clock

  • Compare two hex files

  • msp430.memory.hexdump Show contents of hex files

  • msp430.memory.generate Create hex files with a defined pattern. Can be used for testing or to create underlays for other binaries (e.g. to fill unused memory with “NOPs” or “JMP $”)

  • msp430.memory.downloader Small program, suitable for file associations, so that double clicking an ELF or a43 file can be used to download via JTAG.

  •, msp430.asm.ld, msp430.asm.cpp: An assembler, linker and preprocessor for MSP430(X)

  • msp430.asm.disassemble

Description of Python library


Root package for the Python modules related to the MSP430.


A simple assembler and linker, also a disassembler, supporting MSP430(X).


Support for the boot strap loader. is the main package for the downloader and contains subclassed modules for target specific BSL hardware.


Support for the boot strap loader of F5xx/F6xx devices. msp430.bsl5.hid is the main module for the downloader for F5xx USB devices and msp430.bsl5.uart for all others.


JTAG tools using the MSP430[mspgcc] library. is the main module for the downloader.


Communicate with a GDB server/proxy. is the main module for the downloader.


Memory implementation, used to store an memory image used to download to the MSP430. File format handlers are here too. Interesting submodules are: - convert - compare - hexdump - generate

Shell commands, useful for makefiles etc.

Watch a file for changes and execute a command in that case.


Parser for listing files.


Support code for older tools.

Project details

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python-msp430-tools-0.9.2.tar.gz (253.0 kB view hashes)

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python_msp430_tools-0.9.2-py2.py3-none-any.whl (190.2 kB view hashes)

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