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API wrapper for Namesilo service

Project description

Python Namesilo Module

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This code is written in Python 3.6 If you want to contribute to this project feel free to contact me at any time. If you're using this module and you like it, consider buying me a beer. :beer:


pip install python-namesilo


from namesilo.core import NameSilo

client = NameSilo(token="your-token", sandbox=False)
domain_available = client.check_domain("")

if domain_available:
    print("Domain is available!")
    client.register_domain("domain-to-register", private=1) # use whois privacy

Functionality Status

Functionality Description Implemented
registerDomain Register a new domain name Yes
registerDomainDrop Register a new domain name using drop-catching No
renewDomain Renew a domain name Yes
transferDomain Transfer a domain name into your NameSilo account No
checkTransferStatus Check the status of a domain transfer No
checkRegisterAvailability Determine if up to 200 domains can be registered at this time Yes
checkTransferAvailability Determine if up to 200 domains can be transferred into your account at this time No
listDomains A list of all active domains within your account Yes
getDomainInfo Get essential information on a domain within your account Yes
contactList View all contact profiles in your account Yes
contactAdd Add a contact profile to your account Yes
contactUpdate Update a contact profile in account Yes
contactDelete Delete a contact profile in account Yes
contactDomainAssociate Associate contact profiles with a domain No
dnsListRecords View all DNS records associated with your domain No
dnsAddRecord Add a new DNS resource record No
dnsUpdateRecord Update an existing DNS resource record No
dnsDeleteRecord Delete an existing DNS resource record No
changeNameServers Change the NameServers for up to 200 domains Yes
portfolioList List the active portfolios within your account No
portfolioAdd Add a portfolio to your account No
portfolioDelete Delete a portfolio from your account No
portfolioDomainAssociate Add up to 200 domains to a portfolio No
listRegisteredNameServers List the Registered NameServers associated with one of your domains No
addRegisteredNameServer Add a Registered NameServer for one of your domains No
modifyRegisteredNameServer Modify a Registered NameServer No
deleteRegisteredNameServer Delete a Registered NameServer No
addPrivacy Add WHOIS Privacy to a domain Yes
removePrivacy Remove WHOIS Privacy from a domain Yes
addAutoRenewal Set your domain to be auto-renewed No
removeAutoRenewal Remove the auto-renewal setting from your domain No
retrieveAuthCode Have the EPP authorization code for the domain emailed to the administrative contact No
domainForward Forward your domain No
domainForwardSubDomain Forward a sub-domain No
domainForwardSubDomainDelete Delete a sub-domain forward No
domainLock Lock your domain Yes
domainUnlock Unlock your domain Yes
listEmailForwards List all email forwards for your domain No
configureEmailForward Add or modify an email forward for your domain No
deleteEmailForward Delete an email forward for your domain No
emailVerification Verify a Registrant email address No

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