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A programmatic interface to OTRS SOAP API.

Project description

Python-OTRS : Python wrapper to OTRS SOAP API

Let you access the OTRS API a pythonic-way.


- Implements fully communication with the ``GenericTicketConnector``
provided as webservice example by OTRS;
- dynamic fields and attachments are supported;
- authentication is handled programmatically, per-request or per-session;
- calls are wrapped in OTRSClient methods;
- OTRS XML objects are mapped to Python-style objects see
objects.Article and objects.Ticket.

To be done

- Test for python3 compatibility and make resulting changes;
- improve and extend ````;

- Python 2.7;



pip install python-otrs


First make sure you installed the ``GenericTicketConnector`` webservice,
see `official documentation`_.


from otrs.client import GenericTicketConnector
from otrs.objects import Ticket, Article, DynamicField, Attachment

server_uri = r''
webservice_name = 'GenericTicketConnector'
client = GenericTicketConnector(server_uri, webservice_name)

Then authenticate, you have three choices :


# user session
client.user_session_register('login', 'password')

# customer_user session
client.customer_user_session_register('login' , 'password')

# save user in memory
client.register_credentials(user='login', 'password')

Play !

Create a ticket :


import mimetypes
import base64

t = Ticket(State='new', Priority='3 normal', Queue='Support',
Title='Problem test', CustomerUser='',
a = Article(Subject='UnitTest', Body='bla', Charset='UTF8',
df1 = DynamicField(Name='TestName1', Value='TestValue1')
df2 = DynamicField(Name='TestName2', Value='TestValue2')
att_path = r'C:\Temp\image001.png'
mimetype = mimetypes.guess_type(att_path)[0]
att_file = open(att_path , 'rb')
att_content = base64.b64encode(
att1 = Attachment(Content=att_content,
ContentType=mimetype, Filename="image001.png")

t_id, t_number = client.ticket_create(t, a, [df1, df2], [att1])

Update an article :


# changes the title of the ticket
t_upd = Ticket(Title='Updated ticket')
client.ticket_update(t_id, t_upd)

# appends a new article (attachments optional)
new_article = Article(Subject='Moar info', Body='blabla', Charset='UTF8',
client.update_ticket(article=new_article, attachments=None)

Search for tickets :


# returns all the tickets of customer 42
tickets = client.ticket_search(CustomerID=42)

# returns all tickets in queue Support
# for which Dynamic Field 'Project' starts with 'Pizza':
df2 = DynamicField(Name='Project', Value='Pizza%', Operator="Like")
client.ticket_search(Queues='Support', dynamic_fields=[df_search])

Retrieve a ticket :


ticket = client.ticket_get(138, get_articles=True, get_dynamic_fields=True, get_attachments=True)
article = ticket.articles()[0]

Many options are possible with requests, you can use all the options
available in `official documentation`_.

.. _official documentation:

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