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Python Pachyderm Client

Project description

# Python Pachyderm

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Official Python Pachyderm client. Created by [kalugny]( (formerly kalugny/pypachy.)

See the [API docs]( Most of values are auto-generated from protobufs. It's generally easier to rely on the higher-level classes if they provide the functionality you need:
* [PfsClient](
* [PpsClient](

## Installation

pip install python-pachyderm

## Usage and options

All of the PFS functions used in `pachctl` are supported (almost) as-is.

There are some helper functions that help make things more pythonic:

* `commit` which is a context manager wrapper for `start_commit` and `finish_commit`
* `get_files` which supports getting the data from multiple files

### Naming commits

All functions that accept a `commit` argument will accept a tuple of `(repo, branch)` or `(repo, commit_id)`,
a string like `repo/branch` or `repo/commit_id` and a Commit object.


client.list_file(('my_repo', 'branch'), '/') # tuple
client.list_file('my_repo/commit_id', '/') # string
c = client.list_commit('my_repo')[0] # get some commit
client.list_file(c, '/') # and use it directly

### Basic usage example

import python_pachyderm
client = python_pachyderm.PfsClient()
with client.commit('test', 'master') as c:
client.put_file_bytes(c, '/dir_a/data', b'DATA')
client.put_file_url(c, '/dir_b/icon.png', '')

client.get_files('test/master', '/', recursive=True)

As of version 0.1.4, there is also limited support for PPS:

pps_client = python_pachyderm.PpsClient()

## Contributing

This driver is co-maintained by Pachyderm and the community. If you're looking to contribute to the project, this is a fantastic place to get involved.

### Getting started

To run tests, clone the repo, then run:

make init



* Added: Test automation tools pytest, tox, and Travis CI.
* Added: Minikube and Pachyderm deployment to Travis CI config.
* Fixed: Python 2.7 incompability issues.
* Changed: Switched docs to reStructuredText.
* Added: Separate CHANGELOG file.
* Added: PfsClient tests for init, list_repo, create_repo, delete_repo, start_commit, finish_commit, and commit methods.
* Changed: Modified PfsClient() delete_repo method error handling to match Go client behavior.
* Changed: Modified PfsClient() start_commit and commit methods to make the branch argument optional.
* Added: Bumpversion for tagging releases and semantic versioning.
* Fixed: PfsClient() initialization ignored pachd host and port environment variables.

0.1.5 (2017-08-06)

* Fixed: Miscellaneous bugs.

0.1.4 (2017-08-06)

* Added: Alpha support for PPS.
* Changed: Adapted for Pachyderm ``1.5.2``.

0.1.3 (2017-05-18)

* Fixed: ``inspect_commit`` was broken.
* Added: ``provenances_for_repo`` function gives all the provenances for the commits in the repo.

0.1.2 (2017-04-20)

* Added: ``PfsClient`` default parameters now use the environment variables for pachd.
* Added: ``put_file_bytes`` can accept an iterator.
* Changed: ``commit`` now tries to close the commit if an error occurred inside the context.
* Added: More examples and a changelog to README.

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