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Provides a command to easily create a standard Python package layout (i.e. package directory, README file,, etc.).

Project description

Provides a command to easily create a standard Python package layout (i.e. README, package directory, etc.), following the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Packaging.


  • Creates a complete Python package template, ready for creating distribution files and uploading to the Python package index (PyPI).

  • Uses Distribute by default.

  • template, with inclusion of README and other standard files, as well as ignoring of dist/ directory that gets created when building the the package’s distribution files.

  • No external dependencies, only relies on Python standard library.


  1. Run pypack, specifying the name of your new package (optionally, use command line options to provide additional information, see pypack -h).

    1. If you want to create a new Python package in an existing directory, just specify the desired Python package name:

      pypack mynewpackage
    2. If you want to specify different directory, you may optionally use the -t (or --target) option to specify a target, non-existent directory:

      pypack mynewpackage -t /new/path
  2. Review/edit the generated files

  3. Add your code, documentation, etc.

  4. Create distribution tarball:

    cd mynewpackage
    python sdist
  5. Register project on PyPI:

    python register
  6. Upload to PyPI:

    python sdist upload



  • Sphinx documentation layout, or at least an option to create a docs directory.

  • Support for a license file, allowing selection from a list of common open-source license templates

  • GitHub and Bitbucket compatibility for displaying readme file

  • git/hg ignore files

  • Allow use of config file to specify default options for author, license, etc.

  • An interactive option that prompts for needed info.

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