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Python implementation of the Piwik HTTP API

Project description

Python implementation of the Piwik HTTP API.

Note: This project is called python-piwik on PyPI since pypiwik is already taken by an abandoned project.

# Usage

Basic usage:

from pypiwik.tracker import PiwikTracker tracker = PiwikTracker(’’, 1)

now you can call


to make a server-to-server tracking request, or call


to generate the correct Javascript snippet.

## Tracking variables

Tracking variables are set as class attributes on the tracker object. Have a look at the pypiwik.tracker.PARAMETERS dictionary to see which attribute maps to which tracking parameter, e.g.:

tracker = PiwikTracker(’’, 1) tracker.action_name = ‘Help / Support’ tracker.track_page_view()

You can also pass the tracking variables to the track_page_view or tracking_code call as kwargs. The code above is equivalent to the following:

tracker = PiwikTracker(’’, 1) tracker.track_page_view(action_name=’Help / Support’)

## Custom variables

Custom variables can be set in the page_custom_vars and visit_custom_vars dictionary to track custom variables in the page and visit scope:

_Note:_ Piwik allows at most 5 custom variables per scope. When making server-to-server requests, the code does not check for the numbers of variables in the dictionary.

## Server API

When making server-to-server calls, pypiwik will use HTTP headers for the following variables to reduce the request size:

  • user_agent

  • referer

  • lang

If you want to pass the values as regular variables, set spoof_request to False on the tracker instance.

## Cloning another request

If you want to make server-to-server requests based on a HTTP request of an actual user, pass the request object to __init__:

tracker = PiwikTracker(’’, 1, request)

_Note:_ atm, only Django-like request objects supported (an object which has a META dictionary).


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