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python binding of ptrace

Project description

python-ptrace is a Python binding of ptrace library.

The binding works on:

  • Linux version 2.6.20 on i386, x86_64, PPC (may works on Linux 2.4.x and 2.6.x)

  • Linux version 2.4 on PPC

  • FreeBSD version 7.0RC1 on i386 (may works on FreeBSD 5.x/6.x)

  • OpenBSD version 4.2 on i386


  • High level Python object API : !PtraceDebugger and !PtraceProcess

  • Able to control multiple processes: catch fork events on Linux

  • Read/write bytes to arbitrary address: take care of memory alignment and split bytes to cpu word

  • Execution step by step using ptrace_singlestep() or hardware interruption 3

  • Can use distorm ( disassembler

  • Dump registers, memory mappings, stack, etc.

  • Syscall tracer and parser (strace command)



Read INSTALL documentation file.


Browse doc/ and examples/ directories.


python-ptrace 0.6.3 (2011-02-16)

  • Support distrom3

  • Support Python 3

  • Rename option –socketcall to –socket, and fix this option for FreeBSD and Linux/64 bits

  • Add include all files in source distribution (tests, cptrace module, …)

python-ptrace 0.6.2 (2009-11-09)

  • Fix 64 bits sub registers (set mask for eax, ebx, ecx, edx)

python-ptrace 0.6.1 (2009-11-07)

  • Create follow, showfollow, resetfollow, xray commands in Patch written by Dimitris Glynos

  • Project website moved to

  • Replace types (u)intXX_t by c_(u)intXX

  • Create method and MemoryMapping now keeps a weak reference to the process

python-ptrace 0.6 (2009-02-13)

User visible changes:

  • python-ptrace now depends on Python 2.5

  • Invalid memory access: add fault address in the name

  • Update Python 3.0 conversion patch

  • Create -i (–show-ip) option to show instruction pointer

  • Add a new example ( written by Mark Seaborn and based on

API changes:

  • PtraceSyscall: store the instruction pointer at syscall enter (if the option instr_pointer=True, disabled by default)

  • Remove PROC_DIRNAME and procFilename() from ptrace.linux_proc


  • Fix locateProgram() for relative path

  • Fix interpretation of memory fault on MOSVW instruction (source is ESI and destination is EDI, and not the inverse!)

python-ptrace 0.5 (2008-09-13)

Visible changes:

  • Write an example (the most simple debugger) and begin to document the code

  • create “dbginfo” command

  • Parse socket syscalls on FreeBSD

  • On invalid memory access (SIGSEGV), eval the dereference expression to get the fault address on OS without siginfo (eg. FreeBSD)

  • Fixes to get minimal Windows support: fix imports, fix locateProgram()

Other changes:

  • Break the API: - Rename PtraceDebugger.traceSysgood() to PtraceDebugger.enableSysgood() - Rename PtraceDebugger.trace_sysgood to PtraceDebugger.use_sysgood - Remove PtraceProcess.readCode()

  • Create createChild() function which close all files except stdin, stdout and stderr

  • On FreeBSD, on process exit recalls waitpid(pid) to avoid zombi process

python-ptrace 0.4.2 (2008-08-28)

  • BUGFIX: Fix typo in (commands => command_str), it wasn’t possible to write more than one command…

  • BUGIFX: Fix typo in SignalInfo class (remove “self.”). When a process received a signal SIGCHLD (because of a fork), the debugger exited because of this bug.

  • BUGFIX: Debugger._wait() return abnormal process exit as a normal event, the event is not raised as an exception

  • PtraceSignal: don’t clear preformatted arguments (eg. arguments of execve)

python-ptrace 0.4.1 (2008-08-23)

  • The project has a new dedicated website:

  • Create cptrace: optional Python binding of ptrace written in C (faster than ptrace, the Python binding written in Python with ctypes)

  • Add name attribute to SignalInfo classes

  • Fixes to help Python 3.0 compatibility: don’t use sys.exc_clear() (was useless) in writeBacktrace()

  • ProcessState: create utime, stime, starttime attributes

python-ptrace 0.4.0 (2008-08-19)

Visible changes:

  • Rename the project to “python-ptrace” (old name was “Ptrace)

  • create –ignore-regex option

  • PtraceSignal: support SIGBUS, display the related registers and the instruction

  • Support execve() syscall tracing

Developer changes:

  • New API is incompatible with 0.3.2

  • PtraceProcess.waitProcessEvent() accepts optional blocking=False argument

  • PtraceProcess.getreg()/setreg() are able to read/write i386 and x86-64 “sub-registers” like al or bx

  • Remove iterProc() function, replaced by openProc() with explicit call to .close() to make sure that files are closed

  • Create searchProcessesByName()

  • Replace CPU_PPC constant by CPU_POWERPC and create CPU_PPC32 and CPU_PPC64

  • Create MemoryMapping object, used by readMappings() and findStack() methods of PtraceProcess

  • Always define all PtraceProcess methods but raise an error if the function is not implemented

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