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Comprehensive bindings and command line utility for the Pushover notification service

Project description

python-pushover aims at providing comprehensive Python bindings for the API of the Pushover Notification Service as documented here.


You can install python-pushover from Pypi with:

$ pip install python-pushover

Or you can install it directly from GitHub:

git clone
cd python-pushover
pip install .


After being imported, the module must be initialized by calling the init function with a valid application token. Thus, a typical use of the pushover module looks like this:

from pushover import init, Client

Client("<user-key>").send_message("Hello!", title="Hello")

You can also pass the api_token optional argument to Client to initialize the module at the same time:

from pushover import Client

client = Client("<user-key>", api_token="<api-token>")
client.send_message("Hello!", title="Hello")

Attachments can be sent with the attachment parameter which takes as argument as file object:

with open('/path/to/my/image.png', 'rb') as image:
    client.send_message('Message with image', attachment=image)

Command line

python-pushover also comes with a command line utility pushover that you can use as follows:

pushover --api-token <api-token> --user-key <user-key> "Hello!"

Use pushover --help to see the list of available options.


Both the pushover module and the pushover command line utility support reading arguments from a configuration file.

The most basic configuration file looks like this:


You can have additional sections and specify a device as well:


python-pushover will attempt to read the configuration from ~/.pushoverrc by default. The section to read can be specified by using the profile argument. With the configuration file above, you can send a message by simply doing:

from pushover import Client

Client().send_message("Hello!", title="Hello")

or pushover --title "Hello" "Hello!" from the command line.


You can access the full API documentation here.



0.4 (2018-05-13)

  • Add support for expire and retry parameters to the command line for priority=2 messages

  • Add support for attachments

0.3 (2016-12-29)

  • Add support for the Glances API

  • Add a cancel function to MessageRequest objects to cancel high priority messages

  • Add support for html message styling

  • Fix bug in MessageRequest.poll for priority=2 requests

0.2 (2014-08-16)

  • Fix bug when using current timestamp

  • Add a pushover command line utility

  • Add Python 3 support

  • Add configuration file feature

  • Easier and more compact Client class creation

  • Switch to setuptools for easier installation and dependencies handling

0.1 (2013-04-16)

Initial Release

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