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Python SDK for the UniBit API

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A Python module to get stock data and news from the UniBit API

UniBit is a free API that provides real time and historical financial data, as well as financial news. This SDK is a client-side implementation of the UniBit API ( which has Python functions for each available API call. For the UniBit API documentation, visit (

To get started, sign up at ( to request a free access key. With a free key, all non-news API features are available with generous rate limits.

The UniBit Stock News API requires a premium account, but in return gives a wealth of news articles on all 8000 US-listed companies. Along with this, UniBit provides analyses on each news article. With deep learning, each article is classified into a comprehensive genre list, and named entities and sentiment are also extracted.


Unibit python SDK is now available for Version2 APIs! For the API documentation, visit ( For the python SDK for Version2 APIs, go to Version2 APIs example
If there are multiple tickers in your input, please put them into a list, see examples Version2 APIs example


To install UniBit, type:

pip install python-unibit

To install from the source, type:

git clone
pip install -e python-unibit

API V2.0 Example

Get the real time price of Apple (AAPL)

from unibit_api_v2.stock import StockPrice
sp = StockPrice(key="YOUR_KEY")
aapl_stock = sp.getHistoricalStockPrice(ticker=["AAPL","WORK"],startDate="2019-09-15",endDate="2019-09-20")

Get Apple's Company Profile

from import CompanyInfo
ci = CompanyInfo(key="YOUR_KEY")
aapl_profile = ci.getCompanyProfile(ticker=["AAPL"])

Get Apple's Stock News

from import StockNews
sn = StockNews(key = "YOUR_KEY")
aapl_news = sn.getStockNews(ticker = ["AAPL"], startDate = "2019-08-25", endDate = "2019-08-30", startMinute = "10:00:00", endMinute = "11:00:00", genre = "partnership", sector = "technology")

Get Corporate Splits

from unibit_api_v2.corporate import Corporate
corporate = Corporate(key = "YOUR_KEY")
corporate_splits = corporate.getCorporateSplits(ticker = ["all"], startDate="2019-02-01", endDate="2019-02-11")

Get Historical Crypto Price

from unibit_api_v2.crypto import CryptoPrice
cp = CryptoPrice(key = "YOUR_KEY")
historical_crypto_price = cp.getHistoricalCryptoPrice(ticker=["BCH-USD"], startDate = "2019-08-25", endDate = "2019-08-30")

Get Forex Rate

from import ForexRate
fr = ForexRate(key = "YOUR_KEY")
realtime_forex = fr.getRealtimeForexRates(base = "usd", foreign = ["cny","eur","inr"], amount = 1, startDate = "2019-08-29", endDate = "2019-08-29", startMinute = "11:00:00", endMinute = "12:00:00")

Get Asset Coverage

from unibit_api_v2.reference import Coverage
c = Coverage(key = "YOUR_KEY")
asset_coverage = c.getAssetCoverage(exchange = "NASDAQ")

The CSV format is supported on many of the UniBit APIs. Requesting a CSV datatype will return a csv.reader() of the data

from unibit.stockprice import StockPrice
sp = StockPrice(key="YOUR_KEY")
aapl_price_csv = sp.getPricesRealTime("AAPL", size=10, datatype="csv")

API V1.0 Example

Get the real time price of Apple (AAPL)

from unibit_api_v1.stockprice import StockPrice
sp = StockPrice(key="YOUR_KEY")
aapl_price = sp.getPricesRealTime("AAPL")

Get Apple's Company Profile

from unibit_api_v1.companyinfo import CompanyInfo
ci = CompanyInfo(key="YOUR_KEY")
aapl_profile = ci.getCompanyProfile("AAPL")

Get the latest news on Apple

from import StockNews
sn = StockNews(key="YOUR_KEY")
aapl_news = sn.getLatestStockNews("AAPL")


In the UniBit Python SDK, we not only want to wrap the UniBit API, but open source methods of stock analysis, be it with some fancy quantitative strategy, with graphing, or with machine learning. Propose something in an issue or contact me at if you want to help!


Detailed documentation on the UniBit API is available at


This project is developed under an MIT License.

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