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Python wrapper for Veracity's command-line interface.

Project description


This library provides a Python wrapper for Veracity’s command-line interface. It includes objects for repositories, working copies, and other commonly-used items. The library also installs several command-line tools to work with Veracity’s distributed build tracking features.


0.0.x releases are experimental and interfaces will likely change.

Getting Started


  • Python 3.3
  • Veracity 2.5



The package can be installed using pip:

pip install python-veracity

or directly from source:

python install

After installation, it is available under the name veracity:

>>> import veracity
>>> veracity.__version__

>>> from veracity import vv
>>> vv.version()
>>> vv.repos()

Scripting Interface

A sample script might look similar to the following:

#!/usr/bin/env python

from veracity import Repository, WorkingCopy, Item

# Clone a repo
repo = Repository('veracity', remote='')

# Display Repository attributes
print repo.users
print repo.branches
print repo.tags

# Check out a working copy (from a Repository)
work = repo.checkout("~/v/veracity")

# Check out a working copy (by repo name)
work = WorkingCopy("~/v/veracity", repo='veracity')

# Change some files
item = Item('docs/GettingStarted.txt', work=work)

Build Tracking

This package also installs a set of command-line tools to work with Veracity’s Build Tracking feature:


In your master branch, create a setup.cfg similar to the following:


repositories = python-veracity
series = N, C
environments = W, M, L
virtualenv = True


N_branches = *
N_command = [ $( date "+%H" ) = 00 ]
N_command-nt = if %TIME:~0,2%==00 (exit /b 0) else (exit /b 1)
N_sleep = 60 * 30
N_start = Q

C_branches = master, develop, feature-*, release-*, hotfix-*
C_sleep = 60
C_start = Q


U_enter = Q
U_path = .
U_command = make depends
U_fail = UF

B_enter = U
B_path = .
B_command = make install
B_fail = BF

T_enter = B
T_path = .
T_command = make test
T_fail = TF

C_enter = T
C_path = .
C_command = make check
C_fail = CF
C_exit = D

The series, environments, and statuses must match what is defined in your repository’s build configuration page:


To run one iteration of a poller for your repository:

vv-poller <repository names>

Or, to run forever as a daemon:

vv-poller <repository names> --daemon

From within a working copy, the poller configuration can be tested using:

vv-poller --test


To run one iteration of a builder for your repository:

vv-builder <repository names> --env <environment alias>

Or, to run forever as a daemon:

vv-builder <repository names> --env <environment alias> --daemon

From within a working copy, the builder configuration can be tested using:

vv-builder --test


0.0.11 (2014/01/26)

  • Updated the package from a template.

0.0.10 (2013/11/19)

  • Switched to Python 3.

0.0.9 (2013/09/19)

  • Prepared files for porting to Python 3

0.0.8 (2013/08/24)

  • Expanded vv-tracking interface to initialize repos and delete builds.
  • Now always pushing when builds are created.

0.0.7 (2013/08/01)

  • Added ‘–no-config’ argument to vv-poller/builder to ignore local config.
  • Implemented WorkingCopy.copy() method.
  • Now always pushing new build requests and updated build statuses.

0.0.6 (2013/07/23)

  • Repository.get_builds() now returns builds descending by start time.

0.0.5 (2013/07/23)

  • Preserving case in setup.cfg options.
  • [vv-tracking] ‘virtualenv’ is a now a boolean (env name: vv-builder-env)
  • Now limiting Repository.get_builds() to 50 parsed build requests.

0.0.4 (2013/07/20)

  • Removed pull/push logging on daemons.

0.0.3 (2013/07/20)

  • Daemons now only show logging output on activity.
  • Added better repo synchronization in the poller and builder.

0.0.2 (2013/07/19)

  • Added a [vv-tracking] setting to build in a virtualenv: virtualenv=<name>
  • Added a [vv-poller] setting to allow rebuilds: <A>_rebuild = True
  • Removed the non-ETA states (UP, BP, TP, CP) from the sample build configuration.
  • Limiting the rate of automatic push/pull to every 30 seconds.

0.0.1 (2013/07/16)

  • Initial release of python-veracity.

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