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Get the forecast from the norwegian wheather service in python

Project description

Library for the norwegian weather service in Python.

Install (easiest way)

pip3 install python-yr


from yr.libyr import Yr

weather = Yr(location_name='Norge/Telemark/Skien/Skien')
now =


This returns

    "@from": "2014-06-04T08:00:00",
    "@to": "2014-06-04T12:00:00",
    "@period": "1",
    "symbol": {
        "@number": "3",
        "@numberEx": "3",
        "@name": "Partly cloudy",
        "@var": "03d"
    "precipitation": {
        "@value": "0",
        "@minvalue": "0",
        "@maxvalue": "0.1"
    "windDirection": {
        "@deg": "159.4",
        "@code": "SSE",
        "@name": "South-southeast"
    "windSpeed": {
        "@mps": "1.3",
        "@name": "Light air"
    "temperature": {
        "@unit": "celsius",
        "@value": "13"
    "pressure": {
        "@unit": "hPa",
        "@value": "1012.1"

For more usage examples visit folder examples or project wiki

Pull requests

Please everyone involved to generate demands and plans (pull requests), so we could set targets for next version 1.5 ;)


  • develop, the main (default) branch for development on GitHub
  • master, branch for the stable release published on PyPi
  • python2, branch with support for Python2
  • csv-support, branch with support for CSV export forecasts


1.4.7 (2020 July 28)

  • Now using version 2.0 of the’s locationforecast

1.4.5 (2016 May 19)

  • Parse the ‘nextrun’ field from the cache file as UTC time (API_Locationforecast)

1.4.4 (2016 May 06)

1.4.2 (2015 Apr 21)

  • add remove function to Cache
  • add explicit installation of language-specific JSON files to setup ~> thanx to kurisuke
  • check the freshness of cache based on nextupdate tag in meta ~> thanx to knightsamar

1.4.1 (2014 Dec 11)

  • add logging support
  • mod some variables
  • mod catching exceptions
  • rewrite LocationXYZ functionality to API_Locationforecast
    • swap longitude and latitude
    • add self.coordinates
    • add self.location_name ~> not ideal, so it will probably change in future
  • add LocationXYZ wrapper over API_Locationforecast for backward compatibility
  • mod hash names for temporary files
  • improve
  • mod README from Markdown to reStructuredText

1.4.0 (2014 Sep 12)

1.3.2 (2014 Jul 11)

  • improve exception-handling ~> thanks to mbambas (2014 Jul 10)

  • bugfix: pypi/pip installer in ‘’

1.3.1 (2014 Jul 10)

  • bugfix: caching mechanism in ‘is_fresh’ function ~> thanks to antorweep1987
  • improve examples

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