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Python module containing verilog files for Marocchino cpu.

Project description


Non-Python files needed for the cpu marocchino packaged into a Python module so they can be used with Python libraries and tools.

This is useful for usage with tools like LiteX.

The data files can be found under the Python module pythondata_cpu_marocchino. The pythondata_cpu_marocchino.data_location value can be used to find the files on the file system.

Example of getting the data file directly;

import pythondata_cpu_marocchino

my_data_file = "abc.txt"

with open(os.path.join(pythondata_cpu_marocchino.data_location, my_data_file)) as f:

Example of getting the data file using API;

from pythondata_cpu_marocchino import data_file

my_data_file = "abc.txt"

with open(data_file(my_data_file)) as f:

The data files come from and are imported using git subtrees to the directory pythondata_cpu_marocchino/verilog.


Directly from git repository


You can install the package manually, however this is not recommended.

git clone
cd pythondata-cpu-marocchino
sudo python install

Using pip with git repository

You can use pip to install the data package directly from github using;

pip install --user git+

If you want to install for the whole system rather than just the current user, you need to remove the --user argument and run as sudo like so;

sudo pip install git+

You can install a specific revision of the repository using;

pip install --user git+<tag>
pip install --user git+<branch>
pip install --user git+<hash>

With requirements.txt file

Add to your Python requirements.txt file using;

-e git+

To use a specific revision of the repository, use the following;


Via PyPi

Using pip

pip install --user pythondata-cpu-marocchino

With requirements.txt file

Add to your Python requirements.txt file using;


Issues and Fixes

This package is autogenerated from the sources in using the pythondata-auto toolset. Pull requests and issues on this pythondata repo may not be monitored.

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pythondata-cpu-marocchino-0.0.post209.tar.gz (207.0 kB view hashes)

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