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Python 3 support for Egardia / Woonveilig alarm

Project description


Python library to interface with Egardia / Woonveilig alarm. Tested with WV-1716, GATE-01, GATE-02, GATE-03 and GATE-04 version of Egardia / Woonveilig. Other versions might work, but unsure. Originally written for integration with Home Assistant it can also by used to integrate with these alarms in other solutions.

Note on GATE-02 There seem to be multiple versions of software running on GATE-02 devices; we have received reports from GATE-02 users who successfully run this package in GATE-02 mode. Others have reported they needed to specify GATE-03 as their version to integrate their GATE-02.

Egardiadevice is the representation of the alarm control panel and the Egardiaserver can be used to handle alarm status changes including triggering. Test files are included for both device and server.


This script talks to the Egardia alarm control panel and can read and set its status. Note that if the alarm is triggered the state is not published through the interface available to this script. To be able to respond to alarm triggers, set up the Egardia Server (see below). For testing purposes have a look at the script. It's usage: [-h] host port username password version

For example: python 192.168.1.X 80 user pass GATE-02.


This script captures codes generated by the Egardia alarm control panel after it was set up to forward the codes to the machine running the script (see the Home Assistant docs: advanced configuration, step 1 to 3).

usage: [-h] [-P PORT]

Run the EgardiaServer

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -P PORT, --port PORT  the port number to run the server on (defaults to 52010)
  --host HOST           The host to run the server on (defaults to '', which is localhost). Specify this the IP address of your machine if you are having issues receiving messages.

The test script for the EgardiaServer is which tests if the egardiaserver you are running is accessible.

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