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Making requests to rest apis in pythonista.

Project description

Pythonista API Client


There's a package on PyPI just type:

pip install pythonista_api_client


To test your installation you can try one of the examples:

python examples/


Before you are able to install the package from PyPI, you have to install StaSh a shell for pythonista.


To create an api client just inherit from BaseClient which will handle authentication and settings for you. Requests should be done by importing requests from api client which will then behave like the usual requests module.

Depending on which platform your script will be run one of following methods will be called:

  • python_main (normal python)
  • pythonista_main (started with pythonista play button)
  • appex_main (invoked via share sheet)

Token Authentication

If you wnat to use token authentication you need to set obtain_token_endpoint.

JWT Authentication

For JWT Authentication obtain_jwt_endpoint and refresh_jwt_endpoint have to be set.

Example with token authentictaion

Here's a minimal example which should work with token and jwt authentication:

from urllib.parse import urljoin

from api_client import requests
from api_client import BaseClient

class Bookmark(BaseClient):
    obtain_jwt_endpoint = 'api/auth/token/obtain/'
    refresh_jwt_endpoint = 'api/auth/token/refresh/'
    obtain_token_endpoint = '/api/api-token-auth/'

    bookmarks_endpoint = 'api/v1/bookmarks/'

    def list_bookmarks(self):
        list_url = urljoin(self.base_url, self.bookmarks_endpoint)
        return requests.get(list_url, auth=self.auth).json()

    def python_main(self):
        print('running in normal python')

    def pythonista_main(self):
        print('Running in Pythonista app, using test data...\n')

    def appex_main(self):
        print('running in share sheet')

def main():

if __name__ == '__main__':

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