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pytonik curl is built to transfer data using various network protocols and support sending or initiating actions within or outside protocols.

Project description

Pytonik curl

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Pytonik curl module support sending or initiating actions within or outside. It enables access to API’s and return respond back to the application, in form of JSON, HTML, RAW data etc. In this case the use of curl module is to POST, GET, HEAD, PUT information in internal or from external API’s URL using attributes like status, reason, and result. Whereby status handles response codes example 200, 404, 500, etc. which the reason of this status could be OK, Not Found, Internal server Error, etc. Get excepted information from result

Made with python

How to install

We recommend you to install pytonik package using Terminal or Command Line Window

$ pip install pytonik-curl=2.0

Import Module

from pytonik_curl.curl import curl


cl = curl()

Curl Local Variable

URL #accept url link
HTTPHEADER #httpheader  application/x-www-form-urlencoded etc.
CONTENTHEADER #accept text/plain, html/plain etc.
HEADER #accept {'Accept': 'Value'}etc.
TIMEOUT #accept
POSTFIELDS #accept dictionary formate {name: example, next: testing}
POST #accept folder or url part / or /mypath
GET	#accept folder or url part / or /mypath
HEAD #accept folder or url part / or /mypath
PUT #accept folder or url part / or /mypath
PORT #accept url port 8080

GET retrieves information from api’s server and returns response status , reason, and result

url = ""
cl = curl()
cl.set(cl.URL, url)
cl.set(cl.GET, '/users/{username}'.format(username='testme'))
print(cl.status, cl.reason, cl.result())

HEAD check api’s and returns response status and reason

url = ""
cl = curl()
cl.set(cl.URL, url)
cl.set(cl.HEAD, '/users')
print(cl.status, cl.reason)

POST sent data/information to api using parameters or arguments and returns response status , reason, and result

url = ""
cl = curl()
cl.set(cl.URL, url)
cl.set(cl.CONTENTHEADER, 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded')
cl.set(cl.ACCEPTHEADER, 'text/plain')
cl.set(cl.POST, '/add/users')
cl.set(cl.POSTFIELDS, {'username':'testme', 'password':'test' })
print(cl.status, cl.reason, cl.result('utf-8'))


Name: Pytonik MVC


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