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A fast ELMo implementation with features:

  • Lower execution overhead. The core components are reimplemented in Libtorch in order to reduce the Python execution overhead (45% speedup).
  • A more flexible design. By redesigning the workflow, the user could extend or change the ELMo behavior easily.



  • CPU: i7-7800X
  • GPU: 1080Ti


  • Batch size: 32
  • Warm up iterations: 20
  • Test iterations: 1000
  • Word length: [1, 20]
  • Sentence length: [1, 30]
  • Random seed: 10000
Item Mean Of Durations (ms) cumtime(synchronize)%
Fast ELMo (CUDA, no synchronize) 31 N/A
AllenNLP ELMo (CUDA, no synchronize) 56 N/A
Fast ELMo (CUDA, synchronize) 47 26.13%
AllenNLP ELMo (CUDA, synchronize) 57 0.02%
Fast ELMo (CPU) 1277 N/A
AllenNLP ELMo (CPU) 1453 N/A


Please install torch==1.0.0 first. Then, simply run this command to install.

pip install pytorch-fast-elmo

FastElmo should have the same behavior as AllenNLP’s ELMo.

from pytorch_fast_elmo import FastElmo, batch_to_char_ids

options_file = '/path/to/elmo_2x4096_512_2048cnn_2xhighway_options.json'
weight_file = '/path/to/elmo_2x4096_512_2048cnn_2xhighway_weights.hdf5'

elmo = FastElmo(options_file, weight_file)

sentences = [['First', 'sentence', '.'], ['Another', '.']]
character_ids = batch_to_ids(sentences)

embeddings = elmo(character_ids)

Use FastElmoWordEmbedding if you have disabled char_cnn in bilm-tf, or have exported the Char CNN representation to a weight file.

from pytorch_fast_elmo import FastElmoWordEmbedding, load_and_build_vocab2id, batch_to_word_ids

options_file = '/path/to/elmo_2x4096_512_2048cnn_2xhighway_options.json'
weight_file = '/path/to/elmo_2x4096_512_2048cnn_2xhighway_weights.hdf5'

vocab_file = '/path/to/vocab.txt'
embedding_file = '/path/to/cached_elmo_embedding.hdf5'

elmo = FastElmoWordEmbedding(
        # Could be omitted if the embedding weight is in `weight_file`.
vocab2id = load_and_build_vocab2id(vocab_file)

sentences = [['First', 'sentence', '.'], ['Another', '.']]
word_ids = batch_to_word_ids(sentences, vocab2id)

embeddings = elmo(word_ids)

CLI commands:

# Cache the Char CNN representation.
fast-elmo cache-char-cnn ./vocab.txt ./options.json ./lm_weights.hdf5 ./lm_embd.hdf5

# Export word embedding.
fast-elmo export-word-embd ./vocab.txt ./no-char-cnn.hdf5 ./embd.txt


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.


0.1.0 (2019-01-02)

  • First release on PyPI.

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