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A clean, resource friendly and easy to use API for

Project description

pytvdbapi - A python API for
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**pytvdbapi** is a python API for thetvdb.com_ online database for tv-shows.
The API is designed to be as easy and intuitive as possible to use.

The API is designed to respect the functionality of thetvdb.com_ as far as

Key Features
* A clean and easy to use interface
* A well documented API
* Support for Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3 and 3.4
* Thoroughly tested against all supported versions.

**pytvdbapi** depends on the following packages to function.

* `httplib2 <>`_

The easiest and recommended way to install **pytvdbapi** is to use pip_::

$pip install pytvdbapi

Depending on your platform, you may need root permission to execute the above

Tobias Röttger is kindly maintaining an ArchLinux package of **pytvdbapi** that
can be found `here <>`_.

To use the API you should apply for an API key for your particular application.
An API key can be obtained for free from thetvdb.com_. These are some of the things you
can do with **pytvdbapi**.

Create a db instance::

>>> from pytvdbapi import api
>>> db = api.TVDB('B43FF87DE395DF56')

Search for a show name::

>>> result ='Dexter', 'en')
>>> len(result)

Obtain a show instance and access the data::

>>> show = result[0]
>>> print(show.SeriesName)

>>> len(show) # List the number of seasons of the show, season 0 is the specials season

Access individual seasons::

>>> season = show[1]
>>> len(season) # List the number of episodes in the season, they start at index 1
>>> print(season.season_number)

Access an episode within the season::

>>> episode = season[2]
>>> print(episode.EpisodeNumber)
>>> print(episode.EpisodeName)

The documentation for **pytvdbapi** is hosted at and there is a
version over at `Readthedocs <>`__.

Known Issues
* **pytvdbapi** only works with Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3 and 3.4
**NOT 3.0, 3.1 or 3.2**.
* **pytvdbapi** does currently **NOT** support the use of Proxy Servers.

If you find any bug or want to request a new feature to the API, please use
the `issue tracker <>`_
associated with the project.

Try to be as detailed as possible when filing a bug, preferably providing a
patch or a test case illustrating the issue.

To get in contact with me, you can send me an email at or you can follow me on twitter
`@fuzzycode <!/fuzzycode>`__

**pytvdbapi** is released under the `LGPL 3 <>`__ license. See the
LICENSE.txt file for more details.

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.. _PyPI:
.. _pip:


2014-10-28, 0.5.0
* Added find and filter functions to the Show and Season classes to allow searching for specific
* Added get_episode_by_air_date function to search for an episode by air date for a given series
* Update the get_episode function to allow downloading using *default*, *dvd* or *absolute* sort order.
* Update the get_series function to allow getting a series using imdb id and zap2it id.
* Speed up load times when downloading data
* Use zip format for retrieving series data.
* Bug fixes and code clean-up

2013-11-22, 0.4.0
* Removed support for Python 3.2
* Improved unicode support
* Improved compatibility with standard Python functions like *hasattr()* and *getattr()*
* Show, Season, Episode, Actor and Banner instances can now be pickled
* Added the get_episode() function to access an episode directly using the episode id.
* Added the option *ignore_case* to be able to access the attributes in a case insensitive manner.
* Added the *load_actors* and *load_banners* functions to load actors and banners on individual shows
* Fixed broken unit tests and improved test stability
* Bug fixes and code clean-up

2012-06-29, 0.3.0
* Added Actor objects to contain extended actor data
* Added Banner objects to contain extended banner data
* Added a get() function to access a show directly using the show id.
* Updated the status to Alpha

2012-04-16, 0.2.3
* Fixed an issue with missing data folder in package

2012-01-05, 0.2.2
* Updated author name to avoid unicode issues
* Improved the documentation

2011-12-17, 0.2.1
* Updated test coverage
* Made the source code PEP8 and Pylint compatible
* Updated documentation and prepared for PyPI release

2011-12-07, 0.2.0
* Updated to support Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.2
* Made the interfaces cleaner by using collections.Mapping

2011-11-29, 0.1.1
* Renamed the package to pytvdbapi to avoid any confusion with the official service.
* Updated the to use setuptools if available

2011-11-28, 0.1.0
* Initial alpha release of the package.

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