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Python method's parameter validation library, as a pythonic decorator

Project description

Validates input parameters of a callable using this arguments:

param: arg_types:            list of types, Required argument's types  & counts in order
param: deny_match            list of string ,regex pattern, if any argument matches with the pattern, exception raises
param: requires:             list of fields to check for mandatory
param: deny:                 string ,regex pattern, if any parameter matches with the pattern, exception raises
param: deny_except:          string ,regex pattern for excluding fields from deny
param: types:                dict of key:name and value:type to check for types, if mismatch it will be raises exception
param: values:               dict of key:name and value:regex pattern to check the values, & fire exception if mismatch
param: ignore:               string ,regex pattern of parameters to filter
param: defaults:             dict of key:name and value:default_value


raise: MandatoryException:           if any param in requires does not provided
raise: ArgumentException:            if arguments are invalid , short or mismatch type.
raise: DenialException:              if found param in deny list
raise: ParameterTypeException:       if parameter types invalid
raise: ParameterValueException:      if values are not in correct format


from pyvalidate import validate, ValidationException

@validate(arg_types=[int, str, str],
          deny_match=['xxx', 'tiktik'],
          types={'phone':str, 'address':str, 'age':int},
def add_person(serial, firstname, lastname, phone=None, address=None, age=None, **kw):
    print 'adding person "%s:%s %s:%s" with serial: %s:%s phone: %s:%s address: %s:%s age:%s:%s'                % (firstname, type(firstname),
               lastname, type(lastname),
               serial, type(serial),

def test(*args, **kwargs):
        add_person(*args, **kwargs)
    except ValidationException as ex:
        print ex.message

def main():
    test(12, "Vahid", "Mardani", phone="09122451075", address="Tehran")
    test("12", "Vahid", "Mardani", phone='+9122451075', address="Tehran")
    test("12", "Vahid", "Mardani", phone='1')
    test("12", "Vahid", "Mardani", phone='tiktik')
    test("12", "xxx", "Mardani", phone='')
    test("12", "", "Mardani",)
    test("12", "", "Mardani", phone='1', query='123')
    test("12", "", "Mardani", phone='1', query2='123')
    test("12", "", "Mardani", phone='1', age='123')

if __name__ == '__main__':

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