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Official Waggle Python message module.

Project description


Tiny Python library for (de)serializing Waggle messages. Although this is a public module, it's mostly geared towards building internal tools and services.


import wagglemsg

msg = wagglemsg.Message(
        "device": "bme280",

data = wagglemsg.dump(msg)

# ... send data over the network ....

Protocol Description

This version of the protocol is very different than the previous Waggle binary protocol. The main focus is now on having a simple wire format that can be extended to support projects like Sage.


Conceptually, the prototol encodes "tagged timeseries" by providing fields for:

  • Timestamp - Time of measurement in nanoseconds.
  • Name - Name of measurement.
  • Value - Value of measurement.
  • Meta - Key-value "tags" used to track metadata.

Wire Format

The current wire format implementation is a JSON payload with fields:

  • ts. nanoseconds since epoch (int64)
  • name: name of measurement (string)
  • val: value of measurement (any JSON encodable type)
  • meta: metadata tags (map[str]str)
  • enc: optional value encoding (either ommited or "b64" when binary encoded to base64)

We show a couple reference examples here.

    "ts": 1613485750303896000,
    "name": "env.temp.htu21d",
    "val": 23.1,
    "meta": {
        "plugin": "metsense:1.0.3"
    "ts": 1613485750303896000,
    "name": "raw.htu21d",
    "val": "AQIDBA==",
    "meta": {
        "plugin": "metsense:1.0.3"
    "enc": "b64"

Project details

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