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Command line interface (CLI) for WiBeee (old Mirubee) meter

Project description


Command line interface (CLI) for WiBeee (old Mirubee) meter.


  • Autodiscover the host (IP) of the meter in a network
  • Get version of the meter
  • Get model of the meter
  • Get info of the meter: (version + model + host)
  • Get status meter data
  • Get sensors of the meter
  • Action: reset energy counter
  • Action: reboot of the meter (via web or via special command)
  • Several outputs when recieve data: xml, json, file, plain text


pip install xmltodict requests


Install Python CLI package pywibeee

$ pip install pywibeee --upgrade


$ pywibeee -h

usage: pywibeee [-h] [-version] (--host HOST | --auto) [-t SETTIMEOUT]
                [-o {xml,json,plain,file}]
                (-a {reboot,rebootweb,resetenergy} | -g {model,version,status,info,sensors})

CLI for WiBeee (old Mirubee) meter

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -version, --version   show program's version number and exit
  --host HOST           The host (or the IP) of the meter.
  --auto                Autodiscover host function, look IP on net.
  -t SETTIMEOUT, --settimeout SETTIMEOUT
                        set timeout in seconds (default 10)
  -o {xml,json,plain,file}, --output {xml,json,plain,file}
  -a {reboot,rebootweb,resetenergy}, --action {reboot,rebootweb,resetenergy}
  -g {model,version,status,info,sensors}, --get {model,version,status,info,sensors}

Enjoy! :)

Use examples

Get version

$ pywibeee --host --get version
{"response": {"webversion": "3.4.614"}}

Get model

$ pywibeee --host --get model
{"response": {"model": "WBB", "model_description": "Wibeee BOX"}}

Get info

$ pywibeee --host -g info
{"response": {"model": "WBB", "model_description": "Wibeee BOX", "webversion": "3.4.614", "host": ""}}

Get sensors with autodiscover

$ pywibeee --auto -g sensors
{"vrms": ["Vrms", "V", "mdi:power-plug"], "irms": ["Irms", "A", "mdi:flash-auto"], "p_aparent": ["Apparent Power", "VA", "mdi:flash-circle"], "p_activa": ["Active Power", "W", "mdi:flash"], "p_reactiva_ind": ["Inductive Reactive Power", "VArL", "mdi:flash-outline"], "p_reactiva_cap": ["Capacitive Reactive Power", "VArC", "mdi:flash-outline"], "frecuencia": ["Frequency", "Hz", "mdi:current-ac"], "factor_potencia": ["Power Factor", " ", "mdi:math-cos"], "energia_activa": ["Active Energy", "Wh", "mdi:pulse"], "energia_reactiva_ind": ["Inductive Reactive Energy", "VArLh", "mdi:alpha-e-circle-outline"], "energia_reactiva_cap": ["Capacitive Reactive Energy", "VArCh", "mdi:alpha-e-circle-outline"], "angle": ["Angle", "\u00b0", "mdi:angle-acute"], "thd_total": ["THD Current", "%", "mdi:chart-bubble"], "thd_fund": ["THD Current (fundamental)", "A", "mdi:vector-point"], "thd_ar3": ["THD Current Harmonic 3", "A", "mdi:numeric-3"], "thd_ar5": ["THD Current Harmonic 5", "A", "mdi:numeric-5"], "thd_ar7": ["THD Current Harmonic 7", "A", "mdi:numeric-7"], "thd_ar9": ["THD Current Harmonic 9", "A", "mdi:numeric-9"], "thd_tot_V": ["THD Voltage", "%", "mdi:chart-bubble"], "thd_fun_V": ["THD Voltage (fundamental)", "V", "mdi:vector-point"], "thd_ar3_V": ["THD Voltage Harmonic 3", "V", "mdi:numeric-3"], "thd_ar5_V": ["THD Voltage Harmonic 5", "V", "mdi:numeric-5"], "thd_ar7_V": ["THD Voltage Harmonic 7", "V", "mdi:numeric-7"], "thd_ar9_V": ["THD Voltage Harmonic 9", "V", "mdi:numeric-9"]}

Get status

$ pywibeee --host --get status
{"response": {"model": "WBB", "webversion": "3.4.614", "time": "1570484447", "fase1_vrms": "228.70", "fase1_irms": "1.59", "fase1_p_aparent": "362.65", "fase1_p_activa": "264.34", "fase1_p_reactiva_ind": "0.00", "fase1_p_reactiva_cap": "248.27", "fase1_frecuencia": "50.08", "fase1_factor_potencia": "-0.729", "fase1_energia_activa": "222157", "fase1_energia_reactiva_ind": "4631", "fase1_energia_reactiva_cap": "188269", "fase1_angle": "0.00", "fase1_thd_total": "64.60", "fase1_thd_fund": "1.40", "fase1_thd_ar3": "0.60", "fase1_thd_ar5": "0.50", "fase1_thd_ar7": "0.40", "fase1_thd_ar9": "0.40", "fase1_thd_tot_V": "0.00", "fase1_thd_fun_V": "228.50", "fase1_thd_ar3_V": "0.00", "fase1_thd_ar5_V": "0.00", "fase1_thd_ar7_V": "0.00", "fase1_thd_ar9_V": "0.00", "fase2_vrms": "228.70", "fase2_irms": "0.34", "fase2_p_aparent": "76.77", "fase2_p_activa": "50.99", "fase2_p_reactiva_ind": "0.00", "fase2_p_reactiva_cap": "0.00", "fase2_frecuencia": "50.08", "fase2_factor_potencia": "-0.664", "fase2_energia_activa": "47714", "fase2_energia_reactiva_ind": "5021", "fase2_energia_reactiva_cap": "641", "fase2_angle": "0.00", "fase2_thd_total": "0.00", "fase2_thd_fund": "0.00", "fase2_thd_ar3": "0.00", "fase2_thd_ar5": "0.00", "fase2_thd_ar7": "0.00", "fase2_thd_ar9": "0.00", "fase2_thd_tot_V": "0.00", "fase2_thd_fun_V": "228.50", "fase2_thd_ar3_V": "0.00", "fase2_thd_ar5_V": "0.00", "fase2_thd_ar7_V": "0.00", "fase2_thd_ar9_V": "0.00", "fase3_vrms": "228.70", "fase3_irms": "1.53", "fase3_p_aparent": "349.48", "fase3_p_activa": "265.40", "fase3_p_reactiva_ind": "0.00", "fase3_p_reactiva_cap": "227.37", "fase3_frecuencia": "50.08", "fase3_factor_potencia": "0.759", "fase3_energia_activa": "187069", "fase3_energia_reactiva_ind": "196", "fase3_energia_reactiva_cap": "159927", "fase3_angle": "0.00", "fase3_thd_total": "66.10", "fase3_thd_fund": "1.30", "fase3_thd_ar3": "0.60", "fase3_thd_ar5": "0.50", "fase3_thd_ar7": "0.40", "fase3_thd_ar9": "0.00", "fase3_thd_tot_V": "0.00", "fase3_thd_fun_V": "228.50", "fase3_thd_ar3_V": "0.00", "fase3_thd_ar5_V": "0.00", "fase3_thd_ar7_V": "0.00", "fase3_thd_ar9_V": "0.00", "fase4_vrms": "228.70", "fase4_irms": "3.45", "fase4_p_aparent": "788.90", "fase4_p_activa": "49.93", "fase4_p_reactiva_ind": "0.00", "fase4_p_reactiva_cap": "20.90", "fase4_frecuencia": "50.08", "fase4_factor_potencia": "-0.063", "fase4_energia_activa": "456941", "fase4_energia_reactiva_ind": "9849", "fase4_energia_reactiva_cap": "348839", "scale": "100", "coilStatus": null, "ground": "0.00", "model_description": "Wibeee BOX"}}


  • Default IP for WiBeee (old Mirubee):
  • Default usernames / passwords:
    • Basic: user / user
    • Admin: admin / Sm1l1cs?
    • Admin another: admin / Wib333?
  • OTA comands: WbStartBootloaderProccess, WbFinishBootloaderProccess
  • Last (11/09/2019) OTA firmware file url:
    • MD5: 57d8c4a3c77e510fe0ae6ff44cdb7afc

Models description WiBeee

  • WBM = Wibeee 1Ph
  • WBT = Wibeee 3Ph
  • WMX = Wibeee MAX
  • WTD = Wibeee 3Ph RN
  • WX2 = Wibeee MAX 2S
  • WX3 = Wibeee MAX 3S
  • WXX = Wibeee MAX MS
  • WBB = Wibeee BOX
  • WB3 = Wibeee BOX S3P
  • W3P = Wibeee 3Ph 3W
  • WGD = Wibeee GND
  • WBP = Wibeee SMART PLUG

Installation alternatives (getting latest source code)

If you want to install latest source code:

$ pip install git+


$ git clone git://
$ cd pywibeee
$ python install


  • 0.0.1 First draft functional version.
  • 0.0.2 Improve json output. Remove dependency jxmlease. New dependency xmltodict. Added model description.

Future development

  • Improve another models.

Development CLI for Python references

pipenv shell
pipenv run

Generating distribution archives

  • python3 -m pip install --user --upgrade setuptools wheel
  • python3 sdist bdist_wheel
  • python sdist
  • python -m pip install .
  • python tests/


GNU General Public License version 2

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