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Wikisource Dedicated Python API library

Project description


This library contains the basic API operations like

  • Number of Index Book
  • Current page quality status
  • Proofreader of page
  • Validator of page

It is wikisource dedicated API library.


  • pip install pywikisource

Demo 1

from pywikisource import WikiSourceApi

# Create the Wikisource object
WS = WikiSourceApi('en')

# or
userAgent = "MyCoolTool/1.1 (; pywikisource/0.0.4"
WS = WikiSourceApi('en', userAgent)  # It is recommended to add user agent.

# Get page list
pageList = WS.createdPageList('Landon in Literary Gazette 1833.pdf')
for page in pageList:

# Get the number of pages of Index Book
print(WS.numpage('Landon in Literary Gazette 1833.pdf'))

# Get the proofreader of single page

# Get the validator of single page

Demo 2 (Async bookStatus; Since pywikisource 0.0.4)

from pywikisource import WikiSourceApi
import asyncio

userAgent = "MyCoolTool/1.1 (; pywikisource/0.0.4"
WS = WikiSourceApi('ta', userAgent)  # It is recommended to add user agent.

books = [
    "தமிழர் வரலாறு 1, பி. டி. சீனிவாச அய்யங்கார்.pdf",
    "தமிழர் வரலாறு 2, பி. டி. சீனிவாச அய்யங்கார்.pdf",
    "மாவீரர் மருதுபாண்டியர்.pdf",
    "சேரன் செங்குட்டுவன்.djvu"

for book in books:
    pageList = WS.createdPageList( book )

    # Default limit is 25 requests per second
    data = WS.bookStatus( pageList, limit=50 ) )

    for title, status in data.items():
        print( title, " -->  ",  status["code"] )


Instruction for Maintainer

To deploy on PyPI

administrator@Jay-Prakash % python sdist bdist_wheel
administrator@Jay-Prakash % twine check dist/*
administrator@Jay-Prakash % twine upload dist/*


This is Free Software, released under the MIT.

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