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Python library for GUI automation and testing

Project description

pywinauto is a set of python modules to automate the Microsoft Windows GUI. At it’s simplest it allows you to send mouse and keyboard actions to windows dialogs and controls.

0.3.5 Moved to Metaclass control wrapping


  • Moved to a metaclass implementation of control finding. This removes some cyclic importing that had to be worked around and other then metaclass magic makes the code a bit simpler.

  • Some of the sample files would not run - so I updated them so they would (Thanks to Stefaan Himpe for pointing this out)

  • Disabled saving application data (it was still being saved in Application.RecordMatch() even if the rest of the application data code is disabled. This was causing what appeared to be a memory leak where pywinauto would keep grabbing more and more memory (especially for controls that contain a lot of information). Thanks to Frank Martinez for leading me to this).

  • Added ListViewWrapper.GetItemRect() to enable retrieving the rectangle for a particular item in the listview.

  • Removed references to _ctrl() method within pywinauto as it was raising a DeprecationWarning internally even if the user was not using it.

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