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The cross-platform tool to execute PowerShell and command line remotely and locally.

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The cross-platform tool to work with remote and local Windows OS.

PyWinOS uses the Windows Remote Manager (WinRM) service. It can establish connection to a remote server based on Windows OS and execute commands:

  • PowerShell
  • Command line
  • WMI.

It can execute commands locally using subprocess and command-line too.

For more information on WinRM, please visit Microsoft’s WinRM site It based on pywinrm.

PyWinOS (main methods) returns WinResponse object with properties:

  • exited: Exit code (int)
  • stdout: standard output stream (converted to dict if got appropriate content)
  • stderr: standard err stream
  • ok: Is exit code == 0 (bool)


For most users, the recommended method to install is via pip:

pip install pywinos

or from source:

python install


from pywinos import WinOSClient

Usage (remote server)

Run PowerShell:

from pywinos import WinOSClient

tool = WinOSClient(host='', username='administrator', password='qqq123aaa', log_enabled=True)
response = tool.run_ps(command='$PSVersionTable.PSVersion')

# 2022-07-17 23:04:22 | INFO      | WinOSClient         232 |    PS | $PSVersionTable.PSVersion
# 2022-07-17 23:04:23 | INFO      | WinOSClient         264 |    PS | 0:
# 	Major  Minor  Build  Revision
# -----  -----  -----  --------
# 5      1      17763  316
from pywinos import WinOSClient

tool = WinOSClient(host='', username='administrator', password='qqq123aaa', log_enabled=True)
response = tool.run_ps('Get-Service -Name "ALG" | ConvertTo-Json')

# 2022-07-18 21:02:02 | INFO      | WinOSClient         220 |    | PS  | Get-Service -Name "ALG" | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 1
# 2022-07-18 21:02:03 | INFO      | WinOSClient         252 |    | PS  | 0:
# 	{'CanPauseAndContinue': False, 'CanShutdown': False, 'CanStop': False, 'DisplayName': 'App...

# {'CanPauseAndContinue': False, 'CanShutdown': False, 'CanStop': False, 'DisplayName': 'Application Layer Gatew...}

# None

# True

Run command line:

from pywinos import WinOSClient

tool = WinOSClient('', 'administrator', 'P@ssw0rd', log_enabled=False)
response = tool.run_cmd(command='whoami')

# 2022-07-17 23:06:46 | INFO      | WinOSClient         232 |    CMD | whoami
# 2022-07-17 23:06:46 | INFO      | WinOSClient         264 |    CMD | 0:
# 	autovm1\administrator

Instance of a WinResponse can be pretty printed

from pywinos import WinOSClient

client = WinOSClient('', 'administrator', 'zzz123ZZZ', log_enabled=True, log_level='DEBUG')
result = client.is_service_running('alg')
  "exit_code": 0,
  "ok": true,
  "stdout": "autovm1\\administrator",
  "stderr": "",
  "cmd": "whoami",
  "raw": "<Responsecode0, out b'autovm1\\administrato', err b''>"
  • exit_code: Exit code (int)
  • ok: Is exit code == 0 (bool)
  • stdout: standard output stream
  • stderr: standard err stream
  • cmd: Command sent
  • raw: Response class from WinRM

Main low-level methods to work with local/remote Windows OS:

  • run_cmd
  • run_cmd_local
  • run_ps
  • run_ps_local

High-level methods:

  • Use list_all_methods() to get list of all methods.



2.0.8 (9.03.2023)

run_ps and run_cmd extended to use insecure=False param In order to pass double-hop trouble, cert will be ignored on a destination host. Just enable wsman server: Enable-WSManCredSSP -Role Server -Force

2.0.7 (8.03.2023)
  • run_cmd() extended to use "use_cred_ssp=False" param
  • "logger_enabled" param renamed to the "log_enabled"
  • _session renamed to the __create_session; debug log added
  • _protocol renamed to the __set_protocol; debug log added
  • __client refactored; debug log added
  • _get_transport_name renamed to the __get_transport_name
  • get_hash_local() obsolete
  • debug_info() obsolete
2.0.6 (20.02.2023)

run PS and CMD local changed to log warning in exit code==0 and stderr contains some text

2.0.5 (20.02.2023)

run_ps_local() fixed

2.0.4 (24.10.2022)
  • run PS and CMD local fixed
  • ping method removed
  • debug print removed
2.0.3 (24.10.2022)

move_item fixed

2.0.2 (18.10.2022)

In case warning detected in STDERR with 0 exit code - warning will be logged. Execution will not be disrupted.

New method added:

  • move_item
2.0.1 (11.10.2022)
  • Execution command changed in case of stderr contains smth. Exception will be raised
  • Log improved
  • decomposition performed
  • get_directory_size renamed to the get_dir_size
  • instance print fixed
2.0.0 (04.08.2022)

NEW version without back compatibility.

  • Response is dict by default.
  • Logger updated
1.2.8a (18.07.2022)

Changes reverted and refactored

  • Response is a WinResponse class with properties (see this readme from a very beginning)
  • stdout will be converted to dict if possible
  • ResponseParser renamed to the WinResponse
1.2.8 (17.07.2022)

Breaking changes

From now on dict with exit_code, ok, stdout, stderr, cmd, raw keys returns


  • .stdout: try to return json if possible
  • .stderr: "CLIXML..." suppressed and returns None if no errors
  • obj print returns pretty dict


  • log_level instance attr added. INFO by default
  • log format changed
  • debug log added
  • run_cmd and run_ps returns dict now
  • if stderr is not empty -> log entry + RemoteCommandExecutionError raise
  • many methods renamed according commandlet used name
  • many high-level methods removed in favor to use "general" method. i.e. get_service_status removed. Use get_service and 'Status' key from dict result
  • cmdlet used added into docstring


  • remove -> remove_item + "ignore_errors=False" param added
  • get_network_adapter_state -> get_net_adapter
  • disable_network_adapter -> disable_net_adapter
  • enable_network_adapter -> enable_net_adapter
  • get_disks -> get_disk and removed dimensions
  • get_volumes -> get_volume and removed dimensions


  • all "*_local" high-level methods
  • attach_share()
  • is_disk_offline
  • get_volumes_count : use get_volume

RemoteCommandExecutionError added

1.2.7 (3.06.2022)
  • log format changed according to other modules
  • get_volumes() fixed to process all volumes (including service volumes without label)
  • get_disks() changed. Keys are int now.
  • "EntitiesQuantity" key added to bot methods
  • FAQ updated
1.2.6 (3.06.2022)
  • Logger name changed to 'WinOSClient'
  • get_disks() returns dict with disk number as key and dict with disk info as value
  • get_volumes() returns dict with volume name as key and dict with volume info as value Both of them have optional param to get info only for specific disk/volume
1.2.5 (29.04.2022)

New methods:

  • .get_xml()
  • .get_xml_local()
1.2.4 (29.04.2022)

New method added:

  • .get_disks() returns list of dict with disks info

Method updated:

  • .get_volumes(): added dimension=None param. Sizes can be converted to "MB" and "GB". To get bytes do not set this param
  • .get_volumes() extended with the "SizeUsed" field
1.2.3 (28.04.2022)

New methods added:

  • .get_volumes() returns list of dicts with volumes info
  • .get_volumes_count() returns dict including CD-ROMs and system reserved volumes
1.2.2 (22.04.2022)
  • .get_process(), .get_process_local(), .get_service_file_version(), .get_service_file_version_local() raise ProcessLookupError if process not found
  • .get_service(), .get_service_local() raise ServiceLookupError if service not found
  • All method related to xmk handling marked as deprecated
  • ServiceLookupError exception added
  • Typos fixed
1.2.1 (17.04.2022)
  • updated to manage logger state
1.2.0 (6.04.2022)
  • External logger used
  • Logger moved into class in order to have access to it after inheritance

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