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The cross-platform tool to execute PowerShell and command line remotely and locally.

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The cross-platform tool to work with remote and local Windows OS.

PyWinOS uses the Windows Remote Manager (WinRM) service. It can establish connection to a remote server based on Windows OS and execute commands:

  • PowerShell
  • Command line
  • WMI.

It can execute commands locally using subprocess and command-line too.

For more information on WinRM, please visit Microsoft’s WinRM site It based on pywinrm.

PyWinOS returns object with exit code, stdout and sdtderr response.


For most users, the recommended method to install is via pip:

pip install pywinos

or from source:

python install


from pywinos import WinOSClient

Usage (remote server)

Run PowerShell:

from pywinos import WinOSClient

tool = WinOSClient(host='', username='administrator', password='rds123RDS', logger_enabled=True)
response = tool.run_ps(command='$PSVersionTable.PSVersion')

# ResponseParser(response=(0, 'Major  Minor  Build  Revision\r\n-----  -----  -----  --------\r\n5      1      17763  592', None, '$PSVersionTable.PSVersion'))
print(response.exited)  # 0
# Major  Minor  Build  Revision
# -----  -----  -----  --------
# 5      1      17763  592

# stderr in PowerShell contains some text by default    
print(response.stderr)  # <Objs Version="" xmlns=""><Ob...
print(response.ok)  # True

Run command line:

from pywinos import WinOSClient

tool = WinOSClient('', 'administrator', 'P@ssw0rd', logger_enabled=False)
response = tool.run_cmd(command='whoami')

print(response)  # <Response code 0, out "b'\r\nMajor  Minor  Buil'", err "b''">
print(response.exited)  # 0
print(response.stdout)  # test-vm1\administrator
print(response.stderr)  # None
print(response.ok)  # True

Usage (local server)

Run command line:

from pywinos import WinOSClient

tool = WinOSClient(logger_enabled=False)
# tool = WinOSClient(host='', logger_enabled=False)
# tool = WinOSClient(host='localhost', logger_enabled=False)
# tool = WinOSClient(host='', logger_enabled=False)
response = tool.run_cmd(command='whoami')

print(response)  # (0, b'mypc\\bobby\r\n', b'')
print(response.exited)  # 0
print(response.stdout)  # my_pc\bobby
print(response.stderr)  # None
print(response.ok)  # True

Helpful predefined methods to work with local Windows OS

  • list_all_methods
  • is_host_available
  • get_current_os_name
  • get_hostname_ip
  • search
  • get_absolute_path
  • get_md5
  • copy
  • unzip
  • remove
  • exists (can check file existing on remote attached network share too)
  • list_dir
  • create_directory
  • clean_directory
  • sort_files (list directory and returns sorted files)
  • timestamp
  • ping
  • get_file_size
  • get_file_version
  • get_last_file_name
  • replace_text (replace text in file)
  • get_local_hostname_ip
  • get_process
  • kill_process
  • get_service
  • is_process_running
  • get_process_memory_info
  • get_process_memory_percent
  • get_process_cpu_percent
  • debug_info (service method to get useful env info)
  • ...


Main methods (run_ps and run_cmd) are OS independent. But there are some methods works only on Windows. e.g. get_file_version() depends on pywin32 that available on Windows only.


1.0.4a (8.01.2020)
  • added attach_share()
1.0.4 (8.01.2020)
  • get_process() method added. Returns 'psutil.Process' class
  • is_process_running() refactored.
  • get_process_memory_info() method added: returns namedtuple. Full - optional parameter that work with admin rights only. Else returns brief memory info!
  • get_process_memory_percent() method added.
  • get_process_cpu_percent() method added.

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