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a thin wrapper around getziptastic's API v2

Project description


[![PyPI version](]( [![License](](

pyzipcode-cli is a thin wrapper around getziptastic's API v2




- Supports all the Country codes specified in the ISO specification i.e all **264 countries** where they have a pin code.
- Gives ouput in `JSON` format.
- A clean command line interface which abides with `POSIX` interface.
- written in python
- works on Mac, Linux, Windows


##Option 1: installing from source

$ git clone
$ cd pyzipcode-cli/pyzipcode-cli
$ python install

##Option 2: installing through [pip](

[pypi package link](

`$ pip install pyzipcode-cli`


$ pyzipcode --p=248001 --c=IN
{'county': 'Dehradun', 'country': 'IN', 'postal_code': '248001', 'state_short': '39', 'city': 'Kanwali', 'state': 'Uttarakhand'}

If you don't specify the option `--c`, country code will default as `IN` and `pyzipcode` will try to search for the particular zipcode in `India`

$ pyzipcode --p=603203
{'postal_code': '603203', 'city': 'Kavanur', 'state': 'Tamil Nadu', 'county': 'Kanchipuram', 'state_short': '25', 'country': 'IN'}

$ pyzipcode --p=48867 --c=US
{'county': 'Shiawassee', 'city': 'Owosso', 'country': 'US', 'postal_code': '48867', 'state': 'Michigan', 'state_short': 'MI'}

####Get list of all countries with their country codes

`$ pyzipcode ls`

You can search for a country by piping it

$ ./ ls | grep kistan
PK : Pakistan
UZ : Uzbekistan
TJ : Tajikistan

$ pyzipcode -v


$ pyzipcode --help
Usage: (ls | list) --p=PINCODE --c=COUNTRYCODE --p=PINCODE --version (-h | --help)
-h --help Show this screen
-v --version Show version


- [ ] Add support for calculating distance between two cities
- [ ] adding details like
- [ ] Longitude and Latitude
- [ ] Time zone


Feel free to contribute

1. Fork it.
2. Create your feature branch (`git checkout -b my-new-awesome-feature`)
3. Commit your changes (`git commit -am 'Added <xyz> feature'`)
4. Push to the branch (`git push origin my-new-awesome-feature`)
5. Create new Pull Request


Please report the bugs at the [issue tracker](

## License :

MIT License []( &copy; Tasdik Rahman

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