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Python wrapper for ZXing Java library

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First GA

After a year of development, the first General Availability of pyzxing is finally released. I would like to express my gratitude to all the developers for their suggestions and issue, which helped the development of this project to a great extent. This project will continue to be open source and updated regularly.


A Python wrapper of ZXing library. python-zxing does not work properly and is out of maintenance. So I decide to create this repository so that Pythoneers can take advantage of ZXing library with minimum effort.


  • Super easy to get hands on decoding qrcode with Python
  • Structured outputs
  • Scan multiple barcodes in one picture
  • Scan multiple pictures in parallel, which speeds up 77%


Installing from Github source is recommended :

git clone
cd pyzxing
python install

It is also possible to install from PyPI:

pip install pyzxing

Install from Anaconda. Now available on the public channel, conda-forge:

conda install pyzxing # conda-forge channel
conda install -c chenjiexu pyzxing # private channel

Build ZXing Library

A ready-to-go jar file is available with release, but I can not guarantee that this file will work properly on your PC. You may run test script before building ZXing. Pyzxing will download compiled Jar file automatically and call unit test. For those who haven't installed Java, I strongly recommend you to install openjdk8.

python -m unittest tests.test_decode

If failed, build ZXing using following commands.

git submodule init
git submodule update
cd zxing
mvn install -DskipTests
cd javase
mvn -DskipTests package assembly:single

Quick Start

from pyzxing import BarCodeReader

reader = BarCodeReader()
results = reader.decode('/PATH/TO/FILE')
# Or file pattern for multiple files
results = reader.decode('/PATH/TO/FILES/*.png')
# Or a numpy array
# Requires additional installation of opencv
# pip install opencv-python
results = reader.decode_array(img)

Or you may simply call it from command line

python scripts/ -f /PATH/TO/FILE


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