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Connects Quickbooks to a database connector to transfer information to and fro.

Project description

Quickbooks Online Database Connector

Connects Quickbooks online to a database to transfer information to and fro.


This project requires Python 3+.

  1. Download this project and use it (copy it in your project, etc).

  2. Install it from pip.

     $ pip install qbo-db-connector


To use this connector you'll need these Quickbooks credentials used for OAuth2 authentication: client ID, client secret and refresh token.

This connector is very easy to use.

import logging
import sqlite3
from qbosdk import QuickbooksOnlineSDK

from qbo_db_connector import QuickbooksExtractConnector, QuickbooksLoadConnector

dbconn = sqlite3.connect('/tmp/temp.db')

logger = logging.getLogger('Quickbooks usage')
    format='%(asctime)s %(name)s: %(message)s', level=logging.INFO, handlers=[logging.StreamHandler()]

quickbooks_config = {
    'client_id': '<CLIENT ID>',
    'client_secret': '<CLIENT SECRET>',
    'realm_id': '<REALM ID>',
    'refresh_token': '<REFRESH TOKEN>',
    'environment': '<ENVIRONMENT>',
}'Quickbooks db connector usage')

connection = QuickbooksOnlineSDK(

quickbooks_extract = QuickbooksExtractConnector(qbo_connection=connection, dbconn=dbconn)
quickbooks_load = QuickbooksLoadConnector(qbo_connection=connection, dbconn=dbconn)

# make sure you save the updated refresh token
refresh_token = connection.refresh_token

# extracting

# loading
quickbooks_load.load_attachments(ref_id='100', ref_type='Purchase')


To contribute to this project follow the steps

  • Fork and clone the repository.
  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Setup pylint precommit hook
    • Create a file .git/hooks/pre-commit
    • Copy and paste the following lines in the file -
      #!/usr/bin/env bash 
    • Run chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit
  • Make necessary changes
  • Run unit tests to ensure everything is fine

Unit Tests

To run unit tests, run pytest in the following manner:

python -m pytest test/unit

You should see something like this:

================================================================== test session starts ==================================================================
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- live log call ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2019-12-24 12:10:46 [    INFO] test.unit.test_mocks: Testing mock data (
PASSED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   [ 69%]
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- live log call ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2019-12-24 12:10:46 [    INFO] test.unit.test_mocks: Testing mock dbconn (
PASSED                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   [ 76%]
test/unit/                                                                                           [100%]

=================================================================== 3 passed in 0.10s ===================================================================

Integration Tests

To run integration tests, you will need a mechanism to connect to a real qbo account. Save this info in a test_credentials.json file in your root directory:

  "client_id": "<client_id>",
  "client_secret": "<client_secret>",
  "realm_id": "<realm_id>",
  "refresh_token": "<refresh_token>",
  "environment": "<environment sandbox / production>"

Code coverage

To get code coverage report, run this command:

---------- coverage: platform darwin, python 3.7.4-final-0 -----------
Name                           Stmts   Miss  Cover
qbo_db_connector/       2      0   100%
qbo_db_connector/       79      3    96%
qbo_db_connector/          71      9    87%
TOTAL                            152     12    92%

To get an html report, run this command:

python -m pytest --cov=qbo_db_connector --cov-report html:cov_html

We want to maintain code coverage of more than 90% for this project at all times.

Please note that maintaining a score of 10 is important as the CI pylint action fails when a pull request is opened


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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