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Quick markdown what you need, just via a link.

Project description


Quick markdown what you need, just via a link.

Getting Started

Have you ever try to stored the link(URL) in .txt to browse it one day later or few months after? But when you open the file again, muttering to yourself 'What do I store for this?'

Have you learn markdown syntax, but get bored to use it to record the link(URL) by press the [] and () ?

The qkmd is for you, you can just give it a link(URL) then the webpage title will be extract, format to a [title]( pattern. Also you can customize the title what you like, append timestamp, append code snip ...


If you live in the resource blocked area or Internet censorship area , please consider setting a proxy first.

  1. Install the porxy software, assure you can use browser to open the webpage

  2. Install polipo

    $ ## Ubuntu / Debian
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install polipo
    $ ## redhat / CentOS

    Polipo installation instructions

  3. Export the proxy

    export https_proxy=
    export http_proxy=

The qkmd default proxy port number is 8123.


Assure you python version is >= 3.4

$ pip install qkmd


$ python3 install


$ python install


usage: [-h] [-d] [-v] [-c [comment [comment ...]]] [-l language]
               [-s source-code-file] [-C] [-t [title [title ...]]]
               [-o output-file] [-P]

Quickly formatting markdown `link`, convenient your daily life/work.

positional arguments:
  link                  generate the markdown format link

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --date            append `RFC 2822` date format
  -v, --version         display current version of `qkmd`
  -c [comment [comment ...]], --comment [comment [comment ...]]
                        give the link a simple comment
  -l language, --language language
                        specific the code language
  -s source-code-file, --source source-code-file
                        give the source code snip file
  -C, --color           source code syntax hightline
  -t [title [title ...]], --title [title [title ...]]
                        add title manually
  -o output-file, --save output-file
                        save the markdown to a file
  -P, --print           turn off print the markdown format in screen

Here is a simple way to reduce your time and simplify your operation.
Assure you always want to store the file to $HOME/ and highlight the code

alias mark='function mark(){ qkmd $* -o ~/ -C;}; mark'



  • This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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