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feature-rich app to rename files for GNU/Linux and Windows

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feature-rich app to rename files for GNU/Linux and Windows



pip install qtrename

To avoid running the app from the command line, you need to add it to your apps menu:

  • Download this script
  • Open the terminal and cd to the location of
  • run: chmod u+x
  • run: ./

Head to your apps menu, type qtfind or you can find it under Accessories.



:heavy_check_mark: QtRename is a graphical interface for bulk renaming.

:heavy_check_mark: QtRename easy to use.

:heavy_check_mark: QtRename is for for Linux and Windows.

:heavy_check_mark: QtRename is made with PyQt5


This program comes with absolutely no warranty. See the GNU General Public Licence, version 3 or later for details.


  • Find and Replace:

    • Skip the first N occurrences
    • Replace max N occurrences
    • Case sensitive
    • Swap chunks of characters
    • find occurrences using RegEx
  • Casing:

    • Change case file, extension or both (upper, lower, sentence, title, invert, random)
    • Ignore upper and/or mixed case
  • Add/Remove

    • Insert/Overwrite/Remove characters at a specific position (backwards option available)
    • Combine Insert/Overwrite/Remove
  • Move characters from onne position to another (absolute/relative position, backwards,)

  • Spaces:

    • Remove leading/trailing/multiple spaces
    • Keep a space before/after a set of characters
    • Replace specific character with a spaces
    • Replace a consecutive set of a specific characters with 1 space
  • Counter:

    • Insert numbers at the begining/end of the filename
    • Replace the filename with a unified name
    • Set a seperator between counter and filename
  • Enumerate:

    • Start counter from a specific numbers
    • Counter step
    • Set a separator
    • Zero padding
  • Extra:

    • Realtime preview
    • Selective preview
    • Rename filename, extension or both
    • Navigate directories (folders): from the list, open dialog, type in completer
    • filter by extension
    • Rename files / directories (folders) / subdirectories (sub-folders)
    • Themes: default and dark (4 tones: blue, green, orange and pink)
    • Undo renaming (only last one)
    • Errors Log

Report a bug - Request feature


Dark theme (Linux):

dark theme linux

Default theme (Windows):

default theme windows

Screenshots Screenshots
casing add/remove
move spaces
counter enumerate


  • 1.1.1:

    • Fix treating directories as files when Process Extension is selected.
    • Fix animation doesn't stop if RegEx is invalid.
    • Fix no preview in some cases.
    • Fixed error message shown multiple times.
  • 1.1.0:

    • Fixed MVC bugs
    • Fixed folders/Files opened incrementally
    • Adjusted GUI for low resolution screens
    • Added french translation
    • Minor improvements
  • 1.0.0:

    • Initial release

Copyright :copyright: 2020 - amad3v

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