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Python 3 tools for handling USGS earthquake data feeds

Project description

Python 3 tools for handling USGS earthquake data feeds.

The quakefeeds package provides a class QuakeFeed that captures data from a GeoJSON feed, given a valid severity level and time period. The class provides some shortcuts for accessing data of interest within the feed and provides other useful methods - e.g. one to generate a simple Google map plotting quake locations and magnitudes.

The data feeds and a description of their GeoJSON format are available at

Examples of Use

>>> from quakefeeds import QuakeFeed
>>> feed = QuakeFeed("4.5", "day")
>>> feed.title
'USGS Magnitude 4.5+ Earthquakes, Past Day'
>>> feed.time
datetime.datetime(2015, 4, 16, 19, 18, 39, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc)
>>> len(feed)
>>> feed[0]
{'properties': {'cdi': 1, 'tsunami': 0, 'alert': None, ...}
# full JSON data for first event in feed
>>> feed.location(0)
[26.8608, 35.135]
>>> feed.magnitude(0)
>>> feed.event_title(0)
'M 6.1 - 47km SW of Karpathos, Greece'
>>> feed.depth(0)
>>> feed.depths
<generator object depths at 0x7fef054b5fc0>
>>> list(feed.depths)
[20.86, 46.35, 76.54, 48.69, 10, 28.64]
>>> map1 = feed.create_google_map()
>>> map2 = feed.create_google_map(style="titled")
>>> feed.write_google_map("map.html", style="titled")


The installation process will install some scripts in addition to the quakefeeds package:

  • quakemap, which plots earthquakes on a Google map

  • quakestats, which computes basic statistics for a feed



Use pip to install the package, its scripts and their dependencies:

pip install quakefeeds

Alternatively, you can install from within the unpacked source distribution:

python install

(Note that this requires prior installation of setuptools.)

If you don’t want the scripts, copying the quakefeeds directory from the source distribution to somewhere in your PYTHONPATH will suffice.

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