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quare is a CLI client for Quip.

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Interact with Quip from the command line.

quare streaming messages


quare allows interaction with Quip via the command line. While quare is in alpha, there are some features you may find useful:

  • Pipe the output of a command to a chat or document and format it as monospace.
  • Archive messages by piping them into a local file
  • Securely store authentication tokens for multiple Quip instances.

This tool is in its early stages of development, and is subject to change (or abandonment) at any time. Use at your own risk.


$ pipx install quare



Store a Quip API token (See:

$ quare auth
Token: long_token_string
Token stored.

If you have multiple Quip instances (like multiple Slack Workspaces), you can specify an alias for them. You can also pass your token directly to auth:

$ quare msg auth --alias test_server --token 't1DJBQWBXHCYgh1=|2983928392|nYtRFIhV7nl4...'


To see information about the logged in user:

$ quare msg whoami
│ Name         │ Tests Testeri │
│ Email(s)     │   │
│ Quip User ID │ mRLA6Zdn3PO   │

Sending messages

The destination may be a document or chat:

$ quare msg send --room room_id --content 'Hello everyone!'

Pipe content from stdin

Message content can be piped from stdin:

$ uname -a | quare msg send --room room_id --content '-'

While Quip allows formatting messages using some markdown markup, it doesn't recognize markdown code blocks ("```"). To define a code block, use the --monospace option:

$ dmesg | tail -n 5 | quare msg send --room room_id --content '-' --monospace

Receiving messages

Stream to stdout

To stream every message appearing in the Updates tab:

$ quare msg stream
Streaming updates... press Ctrl-C to exit.
[Sun Jun 30 17:23:09 2019 | (Test Log) | @Tests Testeri] ok ok

Dump the content of a chat room

To get the last 5 messages in a chat room or document:

$ quare msg get --room room_id --last 5
[Sat Jun 29 03:19:09 2019 | @Tester Testeri] This is a monologue!
[Sat Jun 29 16:00:12 2019 | @Tester Testeri] ok
[Sat Jun 29 16:34:51 2019 | @Tester Testeri] I'm done!
[Sun Jun 30 17:30:14 2019 | @Tester Testeri] 🌮
[Sun Jun 30 17:30:27 2019 | @Tester Testeri] 🥃

To get the last 2 messages as JSON:

$ quare msg get  -r "IcTAAAtVxXb" --last 2 --json
[{"author_id": "mRLA6Zdn3PO", "visible": true, "id": "IcderpEe8wG", "created_usec": 1561849212672040, "updated_usec": 1561849212696571, "text": "ok", "author_name": "Tester Testeri"}, {"author_id": "mRLA6Zdn3PO", "visible": true, "id": "IcNodg7n2Tx", "created_usec": 1561851291612434, "updated_usec": 1561851291620308, "text": "chat", "author_name": "Tester Testeri"}]

To dump the last 200 messages in a chat room into a text file:

$ quare msg get --room room_id --last 200 > interesting_conversation.log

To get all messages since a datetime:

$ quare msg get --room room_id --since 2019-01-01T00:32:00Z > greppable_archive.log

The --since option recognizes any date recognized by dateparser:

$ quare msg get --room room_id --since 'Monday' > this_week.log
$ quare msg get --room room_id --since '2 months ago' > this_quarter.log

Editing documents

To append a markdown file to an existing document

$ quare doc append --id xxxDoc_IDxxx --file /tmp/
$ cat /tmp/ | quare doc append --id xxxDoc_IDxxx --file -

To append a markdown-format string to an existing document

$ quare doc append --id xxxDoc_IDxxx --content '## Headline\n\n'


This work is licensed under the terms of the LGPL-3.0.



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