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A Quart extension to provide secure cookie authentication

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Quart-Auth is an extension for Quart to provide for secure cookie authentication (session management). It allows for a session to be logged in, authenticated and logged out.


To use Quart-Auth with a Quart app you have to create an AuthManager and initialise it with the application,

app = Quart(__name__)

or via the factory pattern,

auth_manager = AuthManager()

def create_app():
    app = Quart(__name__)
    return app

In addition you will need to configure Quart-Auth, which defaults to the most secure. At a minimum you will need to set secret key,

app.secret_key = "secret key"  # Do not use this key

which you can generate via,

>>> import secrets
>>> secrets.token_urlsafe(16)

Tou may also need to disable secure cookies to use in development, see configuration below.

With AuthManager initialised you can use the login_required function to decorate routes that should only be accessed by authenticated users,

from quart_auth import login_required

async def restricted_route():

If no user is logged in, an Unauthorized exception is raised. To catch it, install an error handler,

async def redirect_to_login(*_: Exception) -> ResponseReturnValue:
    return redirect(url_for("login"))

You can also use the login_user, and logout_user functions to start and end sessions for a specific AuthenticatedUser instance,

from quart_auth import AuthUser, login_user, logout_user

async def login():
    # Check Credentials here, e.g. username & password.
    # We'll assume the user has an identifying ID equal to 2

async def logout():

The user (authenticated or not) is available via the global current_user including within templates,

from quart import render_template_string
from quart_auth import current_user

async def user():
    return await render_template_string("{{ current_user.is_authenticated }}")


Quart-Auth is developed on GitHub. You are very welcome to open issues or propose merge requests.


The best way to test Quart-Auth is with Tox,

$ pip install tox
$ tox

this will check the code style and run the tests.


The Quart-Auth documentation is the best places to start, after that try searching stack overflow or ask for help on gitter. If you still can’t find an answer please open an issue.

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