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Python library to build pretty command line user prompts ⭐️

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✨ Questionary is a Python library for effortlessly building pretty command line interfaces ✨


import questionary

questionary.text("What's your first name").ask()
questionary.password("What's your secret?").ask()
questionary.confirm("Are you amazed?").ask()
    "What do you want to do?",
    choices=["Order a pizza", "Make a reservation", "Ask for opening hours"],

    "What do you want to do?",
    choices=["Order a pizza", "Make a reservation", "Ask for opening hours"],

    "Select toppings", choices=["foo", "bar", "bazz"]

questionary.path("Path to the projects version file").ask()

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Questionary supports the following input prompts:

There is also a helper to print formatted text for when you want to spice up your printed messages a bit.


Use the package manager pip to install Questionary:

$ pip install questionary


import questionary
    "What do you want to do?",
        'Order a pizza',
        'Make a reservation',
        'Ask for opening hours'
    ]).ask()  # returns value of selection

That's all it takes to create a prompt! Have a look at the documentation for some more examples.


Documentation for Questionary is available here.


Please open an issue with enough information for us to reproduce your problem. A minimal, reproducible example would be very helpful.


Contributions are very much welcomed and appreciated. Head over to the documentation on how to contribute.

Authors and Acknowledgment

Questionary is written and maintained by Tom Bocklisch and Kian Cross.

It is based on the great work by Oyetoke Toby and Mark Fink.


Licensed under the MIT License. Copyright 2021 Tom Bocklisch.

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