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QueueFetcher makes dealing with SQS queues in Django easier

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QueueFetcher allows you to deal with Amazon SQS queues in an easier manner in Django.

It provides:

  • run_queue management task to start the task from cli

  • QueueFetcher class to do the heavy lifting with the pieces seperated out and testable

Getting started

Install queue-fetcher from pip


Add to your

TEST_SQS = False

    'Internal Name': 'Name On Amazon'

Now build your tasks in your tasks package:

from queue_fetcher.tasks import QueueFetcher

class SampleQueueTask(QueueFetcher):
    queue = 'test'

    def process_sample(self, msg):
        raise NotImplementedError('This does nothing.. yet')

QueueFetcher expects messages from SQS to contain a list of events, with each event containing a message_type attribute of something like update_transaction.

This is then dispatched to a function prefixed with process_.

Visibility Timeout

Tasks run from Django Queue Fetcher can, when they hit an error, keep thrashing your SQS queues. We recommend you set a visibility_timeout on each task to minimise your costs and any errors you send to your logs:

from queue_fetcher.tasks import QueueFetcher

class MyQueueFetcher(QueueFetcher):
    """Same Queue Fetcher.

    queue = 'test'
    visibility_timeout = 60  # Tell SQS to give us 60 seconds to process

    def process_my_message(self, msg):
        """Process a message.
        return True

Testing your Code

The queue-fetcher app includes a QueueTestCase class that removes the need to handle SQS in your test code. To use it, simple extend the class and use get_yaml or get_json to get your fixtures, located in the same app as your test.

from queue_fetcher.test import QueueTestCase

from .tasks import ExampleTaskClass

class ExampleTestCase(QueueTestCase):

    def test_my_app(self):
        fixture = self.get_json('exampleapp/test.sqs.json')
        task = ExampleTaskClass()

        # Insert your assertions here

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