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Easily run commands and gather info across multiple servers

Project description


quickrun is a module designed to make it easy to run commands and gather info from multiple servers.


  • python3.8
  • jq
  • aws cli (v1)

Getting started



pip3 install quickrun


import quickrun
from import find_instances

# Define instance
qr = quickrun.QuickRun()

# Configure

qr.servers = [ quickrun.Server(host="my-ip-address-or-hostname", name="my-web-server", user="username") ]
# or from aws cli
qr.servers = quickrun.Servers.from_list(find_instances({ 'tag:environment': 'production' }, region='eu-west-1'))

qr.commands = [ quickrun.Command(name="Get openssl version", cmd="openssl version") ]
qr.formatter = quickrun.formatters.table

# Call

This will display something like:

┃ server             ┃ host        ┃ command         ┃ output                     ┃
│ my-instance-name-1 │ │ openssl version │ OpenSSL 1.1.1  11 Sep 2018 │
│ my-instance-name-2 │ │ openssl version │ OpenSSL 1.1.1  11 Sep 2018 │
│ my-instance-name-3 │ │ openssl version │ OpenSSL 1.1.1  11 Sep 2018 │
│ my-instance-name-4 │ │ openssl version │ OpenSSL 1.1.1  11 Sep 2018 │

Making a script

Option 1: Basic script using some of the functions

You can just write a normal python script and use some of the functions from this module.
See examples/ as an example.

Option 2: Calling out to QuickRun

There is also the base QuickRun class which can be configured and called.
See examples/ and examples/ as examples.

Option 3: Extending QuickRun

You could also create your own class extending from QuickRun.
This is handy since you can override the hook methods.
See examples/ as an example.


There are a few core helpers built in to quickrun.


There are a few formatters defined in quickrun.formatters

  • default: Just prints out the python object
  • none: Does nothing
  • fake_shell: Formats the run as if it was ran directly
  • table: Outputs the run as a table

There is also a helpful quickrun.aws_cli.find_instances() function that takes a string and region and returns all instances with the name tag containing that string.



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