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A discovery plugin for Nose which relies on sane structure.

Project description

Given standard test setup, will determine which tests need to run against a given diff.

For example, say you’re working in your branch called my-new-sexy-feature, which modifies the following files:


If you’re using a traditional test layout, we’ll automatically add the following rule for you:


Otherwise you can add rules using regular expression syntax in combination with the path and filename formatters.

Now if we run with the default options, nosetests --with-quickunit, it will look for tests (by default) in the following base directories:


(It does this by analyzing the diff against master, and determining which files you’ve changed are tests, including them, and which files containing test coverage in a parallel directory.)


If you want to support multiple directories for searching (let’s say you break up unittests from integration tests) you can do that as well:


–quickunit-rule=tests/{path}/test_{filename} –quickunit-rule=tests/{path}/{basename}/

Or, if you’d prefer, via setup.cfg:

quickunit-rule = tests/{path}/test_{filename}


Rules are a combination of simple formatting a regular expressions.

The following formatted variables are available within a rule:


The base path of the filename (e.g. foo/bar)


The filename excluding the path (e.g.


The filename excluding the extension (e.g. baz)

A rule is first formatted (using .format(params)) and then compiled into a regular expression on top of each changed file.

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