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A small wrapper around quilt3 to make distributing manifest style datasets even easier.

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dataset packaging and distribution

People commonly work with tabular datasets, people want to share their data, this makes that easier through Quilt3.


  • Automatically determines which files to upload based off CSV headers. (Explicit override available)
  • Simple interface for attaching metadata to each file based off the manifest contents.
  • Groups metadata for files that are referenced multiple times.
  • Validates and runs basic cleaning operations on your dataset manifest CSV.
  • Optionally add license details and usage instructions to your dataset README.
  • Parses README for any referenced files and packages them up as well.
  • Support for adding extra files not contained in the manifest.
  • Constructs an "associates" map that is placed into each files metadata for quick navigation around the package.
  • Enforces that the metadata attached to each file is standardized across the package for each file column.

Quick Start

Construct a csv (or pandas dataframe) dataset manifest (Example):

CellId Structure 2dReadPath 3dReadPath
1 lysosome 2d/1.png 3d/1.tiff
2 laminb1 2d/2.png 3d/2.tiff
3 golgi 2d/3.png 3d/3.tiff
4 myosin 2d/4.png 3d/4.tiff
from quilt3distribute import Dataset

# Create the dataset
ds = Dataset(

# Optionally add common additional requirements

# Optionally indicate column values to use for file metadata
ds.set_metadata_columns(["CellId", "Structure"])

# Optionally rename the columns on the package level
    "2dReadPath": "images_2d",
    "3dReadPath": "images_3d"

# Distribute
pkg = ds.distribute(push_uri="s3://quilt-jacksonb", message="Initial dataset example")


(remote Package)

Example Metadata:

    "CellId": 1,
    "Structure": "lysosome",
    "associates": {
        "images_2d": "images_2d/03cdf019_1.png",
        "images_3d": "images_3d/a0ce6e01_1.tiff"


Stable Release: pip install quilt3distribute
Development Head: pip install git+


This package was created with Cookiecutter. Original repository

Free software: Allen Institute Software License

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