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Multi-transport RPC with asyncio & Django support.

Project description



Radical is a RPC library that allows you to have cross-service communication out of the box.

It can serve as a replacement for Celery.

Radical has out-of-the-box integration with Django and also supports asyncio, but can be used without it.

Radical is easily extensible with custom transports and serializers.

Available transports:

  • Redis

  • Postgres

Default and recommended transport is Redis.

Available serializers:

  • JSON

  • Pickle

Default and recommended serializer is Pickle.





A fully autonomous application written with Django, Sanic or vanilla Python.


Module that provides interface to actual network communication: for example, a Redis transport.


Module that provides interface to data serialization and deserialization.

Quick start


pip install radical-rpc

Using with Django

  1. Add Radical to INSTALLED_APPS:

        # ...
        # ...
  2. Configure Radical:

        'TRANSPORT_URL': 'redis://redis:6379/0?request_timeout=10',
        'QUEUE_NAME': 'myapp',
        'MODULES': [
  3. Call it anywhere:

    from radical.contrib.django import call_wait, call
    from django.http import JsonResponse
    def some_view(request):
        # Call remote method and wait for it to return result.
        result = call_wait('myapp', 'radical.demo.add', 1300, 37)
        return JsonResponse(dict(result=result))  # Returns {'result': 1337}
    def some_view(request):
        # Call remote method and do not wait for it to finish.
        call('myapp', 'radical.demo.add', 1300, 37)
        return JsonResponse(dict(result='Job was scheduled.'))
  4. Start Radical worker:

    ./ radical

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radical-rpc-0.1.7.tar.gz (11.8 kB view hashes)

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