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Overlay-based Workload Management System

Project description

# Tired of Resource OverlaYs

### Pointers

### Installation Notes

At this stage, the devel branches of saga-python, radical.utils, and bigjob should be used with OWMS. (If these are not manually installed, the OWMS installer may pull in non-devel versions.)

To set up the OWMS environment, use

pip install .

Or, to make extra-sure OWMS is installed correctly with all trace of previous installations removed:

pip uninstall troy; rm -rf ./build; pip install .

### Configuration

You can use a configuration files in the location “~/.owms.”. An example is provided in examples/owms.cfg, you can copy that to “~/.owms/owms.cfg” and customize to your environment.

Available configuration options are explained in more detailed in the OWMS library documentation, and apply mostly to the Troy plugins.

### Note to developers:

The development branch is devel, all developers should branch off ‘devel’ when implementing new features. Feature branches are named feature/xyz, and are only merged into devel after coordinating with the other developers.

Releases are tagged on the master branch – only the release manager will merge from devel to master, to prepare for a release.

An usual development workflow should look like:

` git clone # get repostory cd troy                                        # git checkout devel                             # switch to devel branch git checkout -b feature/world_domination       # create a feature branch from there vim troy/                   # do the deed... vim tests/             # git commit -am 'we now dominate the world'     # commit your changes git push origin feature/world_domination       # sync with github `

The last command will ensure that your (until then only locally existing) branch will be mirrored in the central repository, and is available for other developers.

Once the group agreed on merging, you would run:

` git checkout devel git pull                               # get updates from github git checkout feature/world_domination git pull                               # get updates from github git merge devel                        # make sure branch is in sync with devel run_my_tests                           # do it! git checkout devel git merge feature/world_domination     # merge your feature branch git push origin                        # sync with github git branch -d feature/world_domination # remove feature branch `

If unsure about anything, ask Andre ;)

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