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Radio Astronomy Gain and Visibility Inspector

Project description


Radio Astronomy Gain and Visibility Inspector


This library mainly requires
  1. Bokeh

  2. Python casacore

  3. Daskms

  4. Datashader

  5. Nodejs>=8

- Install build dependencies:

** Python casacore comes as a dependency of Daskms ** Nodejs is a requirement for Bokeh and can be installed using the commands

$ sudo apt-get install curl
$ curl -sL | bash -
$ apt-get install -y nodejs

All python requirements are found in requirements.txt


To install nodejs in the virtual environment, use: nodeenv, a nodejs virtual environment. More info can be found here

Create nodejs virtual environment with:

$ nodeenv envName


$ . envName/bin/activate

to switch to environment.


Installation from source, working directory where source is checked out

$ pip install .

This package is available on PYPI via

$ pip install ragavi


Ragavi currently has two segements:
  1. Gain plotter

  2. Visibility plotter

For the gains plotter, the name-space ragavi-vis is used. To get help for this

$ ragavi-gains -h

To use ragavi gain plotter

$ ragavi-gains -t /path/to/your/table

Multiple tables can be plotted on the same document simply by adding them in a space separated list to the -t / --table switch e.g

$ ragavi-gains -t delay/table/1/ bandpass/table/2 flux/table/3

For the visibility plotter, the name-space ragavi-vis is used. Help can be obtained by running

$ ragavi-vis -h

To run ragavi-vis, the arguments --table, --xaxis and --yaxis are basic requirements e.g.

$ ragavi-vis --ms /my/measurement/set --xaxis time --yaxis amplitude

For large datasets, it is advisable to supply at least --ymin and --ymax values to avoid an extra pass over the data.

Change the size (resolution) of the output aggregated image – and resulting html file size – by specifying --canvas-width and --canvas-height options.

A slightly more detailed documentation on ragavi can be found here


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see license for details.


Contributions are always welcome! Please ensure that you adhere to our coding standards pep8.

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