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Import and export IP-XACT XML to/from the systemrdl-compiler register model

Project description

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This package implements IP-XACT import and export for the RALBot toolchain

  • Export: Convert compiled SystemRDL input into IP-XACT XML
  • Import: Read an IP-XACT file and import it into the systemrdl-compiler namespace


Install from PyPi using pip:

python3 -m pip install ralbot-ipxact

Exporter Usage

Pass the elaborated output of the SystemRDL Compiler to the exporter.

import sys
from systemrdl import RDLCompiler, RDLCompileError
from ralbot.ipxact import IPXACTExporter

rdlc = RDLCompiler()

    root = rdlc.elaborate()
except RDLCompileError:

exporter = IPXACTExporter()

exporter.export(root, "path/to/output.xml")

Importer Usage

When an IP-XACT file is imported, the register description is loaded into the SystemRDL register model as if it was an addrmap component declaration. Once imported, the IP-XACT contents can be used as-is, or referenced from another RDL file.

Import can occur at any point alongside normal RDL file compilation.

import sys
from systemrdl import RDLCompiler, RDLCompileError
from ralbot.ipxact import IPXACTImporter

rdlc = RDLCompiler()
ipxact = IPXACTImporter(rdlc)

    root = rdlc.elaborate()
except RDLCompileError:



Constructor for the IP-XACT exporter class

Optional Parameters

  • vendor
    • Vendor url string. Defaults to ""
  • library
    • library name string. Defaults to "mylibrary"
  • version
    • Version string. Defaults to "1.0"
  • standard
    • IP-XACT Standard to use. Currently supports:
      • ralbot.ipxact.Standard.IEEE_1685_2009
      • ralbot.ipxact.Standard.IEEE_1685_2014
    • Defaults to IEEE Std 1685-2014
  • xml_indent
    • String to use for each indent level. Defaults to 2 spaces.
  • xml_newline
    • String to use for line breaks. Defaults to newline.

IPXACTExporter.export(node, path)

Perform the export!


  • node
    • Top-level node to export. Can be the top-level RootNode or any internal AddrmapNode.
  • path
    • Output file.


Constructor for the IP-XACT importer class

  • compiler
    • Reference to RDLCompiler instance to bind the importer to


Perform the import!

  • path
    • Input IP-XACT file.

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