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RALLF SDK provides the tools to create tasks for rallf robots ( using python3.

Disclaimer! This package is in development stage (unstable), it may be potentially buggy


Using Python Package Index (PyPI)

pip3 install rallf

From source

git clone
cd rallf-python-sdk
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 install

Getting started (hello bot-task)

In order to get started with robot task development, just run python3 -m rallf.cli create-project "hello" and it will create a basic project with the files explained below.

# File:

from rallf import Task

  Hello task opens github and returns the title of the page upon it is loaded.
  To learn more about python selenium api, see
class Hello(Task):

    # implementing is required for tasks, not for skills
    def run(self, input):
        # Log stuff via the available logger
        self.logger.debug('Hello Bot')

        # get a firefox instance
        browser = self.robot.devices['firefox']
        return browser.getTitle()

Try it (rallf cli)

To use the cli you can use either the binary included in the package

rallf <args>

or executing directly from python

python3 -m rallf.cli <args>

Run run method using the CLI

rallf run . -f run

Run run method using the jsonrpc api

echo '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 1, "method": "delegate_local", "params": {"routine": "run", "args": {}}}' | rallf run .

Get help

rallf -h

Extended usage

Task Manifest

Task manifest is mandatory for tasks, but not necessary for developing, visit manifest reference to learn more in-deep about task manifests.

/* File manifest.json */
  "title": "Hello Task",
  "description": "This tasks logs hello and returns the <title> of",
  "long-description": "",
  "fqtn": "com.example.hello",
  "type": "task", /* choices: task, skill */
  "main": "hello.Hello",
  "exports": ["run"], /* default: ["run"] */
  "devices": ["firefox"],
  "skills": [],
  "permissions": {
    "uris": ["", ""],
    "devices": ["firefox", "chrome"],
    "skills": {
      "com.example.facebook": ["likePage", "likePost"],
      "": ["search", "likePost"]

Injected objects

  • self.robot this object is injected in the task creation
  • input this parameter is passed to the run(self, input) function

Inter Task Communication (ITC)

  • Call other tasks from the market (
  • Use robot skills

Task lifecycle callbacks

  • warmup(self) this optional method is executed some time before the task starts to speed-up the rest of calls.
  • run(self, input) this required method handles the work of the task and is triggered at start of the task.
  • cooldown(self) this optional method is called when the task is going to be some time without use.

Task vs Skill

A common question is the difference between Task and Skill inside the RALLF ecosystem, the main difference is that Tasks only have one method called run and the skill can have many, so technically a Task is a subtype of Skill, and also a Skill can implement the run method and can be used as Task too.

Project details

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