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Packs for Redis modules into a distributable format

Project description

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Redis Automatic Module Packaging

Similar to npm init, this packer bundles Redis Modules for later distribution.

It gathers information from modules e.g. module's name, command list, version and additional metadata.


Make sure redis-server is on your PATH. GitHub actions install this automatically.



You can either use pip install or the script

pip install ramp-packer
python install


Manifest mode

ramp pack <> -m <PATH_TO_Manifest.yml>

manifest.yml should specify your module's attributes, the ones you would specify manualy if you were to use the Command line mode, see Full usage options and manifest.yml for a reference.

Command line mode

ramp pack <> -a <author> -e <email> -A <architecture> -d <description> -h <homepage> -l <license> -c <cmdargs> -r <redis-min-version>

Full usage options

Usage: ramp [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --help  Show this message and exit.



Usage: ramp pack [OPTIONS] MODULE

  -o, --output TEXT               output file name
  -v, --verbose                   verbose mode: print the resulting metadata
  -m, --manifest FILENAME         generate package from manifest
  -d, --display-name TEXT         name for display purposes
  -a, --author TEXT               module author
  -e, --email TEXT                authors email
  -A, --architecture TEXT         module compiled on i386/x86_64 arch
  -D, --description TEXT          short description
  -h, --homepage TEXT             module homepage
  -l, --license TEXT              license
  -c, --cmdargs TEXT              module command line arguments
  -r, --redis-min-version TEXT    redis minimum version
  -R, --redis-pack-min-version TEXT
                                  redis pack minimum version
  -cc, --config-command TEXT      command to configure module at run time

  -O, --os TEXT                   build target OS (Darwin/Linux)
  -C, --capabilities TEXT         comma seperated list of module capabilities
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

Module Capabilities

Following is a list of capabilities which can be specified for a module

capability description
types module has its own types and not only operate on existing redis types
no_multi_key module has no methods that operate on multiple keys
replica_of module can work with replicaof capability when it is loaded into a source or a destination database
backup_restore module can work with import/export capability
eviction_expiry module is able to handle eviction and expiry without an issue
reshard_rebalance module is able to operate in a database that is resharded and rebalanced
failover_migrate module is able to operate in a database that is failing over and migrating
persistence_aof module is able to operate in a database when database chooses AOF persistence option
persistence_rdb module is able to operate in a database when database chooses SNAPSHOT persistence option
hash_policy module is able to operate in a database with a user defined HASH POLICY
flash module is able to operate in a database with Flash memory is enabled or changed over time
crdb module is able to operate in a database with crdt for the default redis data types
clustering module is able to operate in a database that is sharded and shards can be migrated
intershard_tls module supports two-way encrypted communication between shards
intershard_tls_pass module supports intershard_tls which requires password
ipv6 module supports ipv6 communication between shards


ramp pack generates

Which contains:

1. - original module
2. Module.json - module's metadata
3. deps/ - a dir with bundle dependencies (optional) 


Make sure redis-server is on your PATH


Install RAMP

python install

Compile RedisGraph for your OS v1.0.12 (

Copy in test_module directory in the root of this project.

Run tests


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