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Generate short, simple text codes

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Simple Code Generator


Generate string codes for django or flask or any web development python framework or any python project generally

Use this script as an extension of your project whenever you want to generate random codes.


Follow the following: ! They are very important

1. call the function generate()

2. pass in the arguments, they are: [
        'length_minimal', 'length_maximal', 'int_min_length',
    ], they are optional and the default values will be given to them. So the
        output will be like

   generate_code_simple(length_minimal=int, length_maximal=int,
                        int_min_length=int, int_max_length=int).

3. then leave the rest to the packge to generate the type of code for you

4. then make a variable like the example
   `code = generate_code_simple()` | don't add the the symbol `|` just write the
   what is inside the variables backticks.

5. then at runtime the generated code will be run

This written in python code

Obviously use the statement from text_generator import generate for the 1st line

Code without parameters

code = generate()
print(f"Generated code is -> {code}")
>>> Generated code is -> 552405550765069469025

The result is not fixed it changes at the next runtime

Code with parameters

code = generate(length_minimal=10, length_maximal=50,
                             int_min_length=1, int_max_length=99999)
print(f"Generated code is -> {code}")
>>> Generated code is -> 6051772282112626082611874181

? Don't rely on this code is not yet fully tested and results may differ.
Working on it


To configure the project all you need to do is pass in params to the generate() function







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DIR  +----------------------|> dist
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DIR  +----------------------|> text_generator
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