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Liberty for generate random data.

Project description


Liberty for generate random data.



Class for create custom random list.

from randomizer import Randomize
r = Randomize(['try', 'this', 'class'])
r.element() # -> 'class'
r.elements(3) #  ['this', 'try', 'try']
r.group_elements(2)  # -> 'try class' 
# pop del rundom element and return him
r.pop() # -> 'this'
# if pass index number, pop will be used as list.pop () 
r.pop(0) # -> 'try'


Generates random strings with unicode symbol.

param size: size of returned text

param random_size: if True, return random size [0*size]

return: unicode text

from randomizer import random_text_unicode
random_text_unicode(10)  # -> 'aT݃пޑ0սYׅa
random_text_unicode(10, random_size=True)  # -> 'ɘ0ͯłƏ'


Generates random strings.

param size: size of returned text

param random_size: if True, return random size [0:size]

return: text

from randomizer import random_text
random_text(10)  # -> 'v 9е93кт1O'
random_text(10, random_size=True)  # -> 'RПkF'


param a: start digit

param b: end digit

return: random float with 14 digit after coma

from randomizer import random_float
random_float(1.1, 2.2) # -> 1.4524252884290065


param a: start datetime

param b: end datetime

return: random datetime with timezone of 'a' parameter

from randomizer import random_datetime
from datetime import datetime
# -> datetime.datetime(2019, 10, 11, 23, 1, 11, 296813)


param array: list of elements

return: random element of array

from randomizer import random_list_element
random_list_element([1,2,3,4,5]) # -> 4 


return: return random bool value

from randomizer import random_bool
random_bool() # -> True


return: a float value from 0 to the current time with 7 digit after coma

from randomizer import random_unix_time
random_unix_time() # -> 785009993.9438592


return: a datetime object from 1.1.1980 to the current datetime without timezone

from randomizer import random_dt_now
random_dt_now() # -> datetime.datetime(1986, 4, 23, 3, 46, 12, 133432)


param max_value: maximum value

return: random positive float with 14 digit after come

from randomizer import random_positive_float
random_positive_float(1.123) # -> 0.6647791533497713


return random digit, from ↓ table

Type          Bytes         Minimum               Maximum
TINYINT	        1	    -128		   127
SMALLINT	2	    -32768		   32767
MEDIUMINT	3	    -8388608	           8388607
INT	        4	    -2147483648	           2147483647
BIGINT	        8	    -2*63		   (2*63)-1


from randomizer import random_tinyint
random_tinyint() # -> 62


from randomizer import random_smallint
random_smallint() # -> 17031


from  randomizer import random_mediumint
random_mediumint() # -> 5518123


from randomizer import random_int
random_int() # -> -1572638799


from  randomizer import random_bigint
random_bigint() # -> -475732340272717339

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