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  • Python (tested on 2.6.2 and 2.6.4)

  • python-bitarray (pip install bitarray)



You can use pip to get the package from the Python Package Index.

pip install rapid-spring --upgrade

Note: on some Linux distributions the script is called pip-python instead of just pip. The python-devel or python-dev package may be required to install bitarray.

If you do not have the script pip available then use your distribution’s package manager to install the python-pip (or similar) package.

apt-get install python-pip   # Debian/Ubuntu
yum install python-pip       # Fedora


As there is currently no binary package, go through the following steps to run rapid on Windows:

  • Download and install python 2.6

  • Download and install setuptools (for python 2.6!)

  • Suppose you installed python in c:\python26, make sure the PATH environment variable contains c:\python26 and c:\python26\scripts

  • Open a console and run easy_install -U rapid-spring

  • Rapid is now installed! Continue reading to learn how to use rapid :-)

Why python 2.6? Simple answer: bitarray binary packages are not available yet for python 2.7


rapid [options...] <verb>  [arguments...]

Where the different verbs and their arguments are:

  • upgrade: Install the latest package for all pinned tags.

  • clean-upgrade: Equivalent to ‘upgrade’ followed by ‘uninstall-unpinned’.

  • pin <tag(s)>: Pins tags and installs the latest packages for those tags.

  • unpin <tag(s)>: Unpins tags. Does not uninstall any packages.

  • install <package(s)>: Install packages. Does not pin any tags.

  • uninstall <package(s)>: Uninstall packages. Unpins their tags if any.

  • list-tags [tag]: List all tags that match tag.

  • list-pinned-tags [tag]: Idem, but only pinned tags.

  • list-packages [package]: List all packages whose name contains package.

  • list-installed-packages [package]: Idem, but only installed packages.

  • uninstall-unpinned: Keep only the pinned tags and all dependencies.

  • collect-pool: Remove pool files not needed by any installed package.

  • make-sdd <tag|package> <dir>: Extract pool files of a package into ~/.spring/mods/<dir>.


rapid pin xta:latest   # installs latest XTA
rapid pin s44:latest   # installs latest Spring: 1944
rapid upgrade          # upgrade all pinned tags

Other commands are for power users mostly, e.g.:

rapid list-tags '^(?!ba).*:(latest|stable|test)$' --regex

This displays all tags ending with ‘:latest’, ‘:stable’ or ‘:test’, which do not start with the string ‘ba’.


  • -h, –help show this help message and exit

  • –datadir=DATADIR Override the default data directory. (~/.spring on Linux or the one reported by unitsync on Windows)

  • –unitsync Use unitsync to locate the data directory Spring uses.

  • –no-unitsync Do not use unitsync.

  • -r, –regex Use regular expressions instead of substring matches for pin, unpin, install, uninstall and all list-* commands.

  • -y, –yes Answer all confirmations with yes. MAY BE DANGEROUS!


  • ~/.spring/packages isn’t scanned. This means that packages which have been installed using a different tool (e.g. SpringDownloader.exe) and were removed from the server (I don’t think that ever happens now) before rapid was ever started, will not be picked up by rapid. As such, they can not be uninstalled, don’t appear in listings, and collect-gc may even break them by removing their pool files.

  • unitsync is noisy on standard output. This should be fixed in unitsync however, and not worked around in rapid.

  • unitsync insists on scanning all maps and mods while we only want to know the location of the data directory. This should also be fixed in unitsync.

Please file any other bugs you find on the issue tracker.

Feature suggestions

  • make-sdz command (similar to make-sdd) could be useful

  • Improve the GUI (rapid-gui)

  • Add GUI progressbar, even for the commandline script (may be useful when integrating it in another app)

  • Machine friendly progressbar, so other apps can parse it and render their own progressbar

Exported from git commit f7b4588 (HEAD, v0.6.0, master)

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